Ontrack/VCom Utilities progs

  Flaco 14:57 22 Feb 2004

This is just a heads-up warning for anyone using any Vcom or Ontrack utilities progs such as 'SystemSuite 4.0' or 'Fix-It'.

I and a few other forum members recently noticed a severe slowdown on our systems and had trouble pinpointing the problem. It turns out that if you are utilizing any out of date Ontrack/VCom progs such as those mentioned, there lies the culprit.

The core of their anti virus s/w is provided by Trend Micro. I emailed VCom this week to vent my spleen over the problems and this was their response: -

"Trend Micro changed the format of the pattern files to only work with their new engine, which is in our latest version of the product.

We only became aware of this when customers notified us of the system slowdowns.

We've scrambled to provide as much notice to other users once we figured out what the problem was.

However, official support for version 4 was terminated on 12/31/03 and proper notice on our website since July, when we released the latest version."

Make what you will of that, but basically there's the problem explained. Time to upgrade to SystemSuite 5.0 or choose another AV prog altogether.

  SEASHANTY 20:33 22 Feb 2004

^ marked for reference although I did update both my PC's to System Suite 5 in January. Haven't had any problems with the AV updates. I got 2 copies of SS5
at Staples altho' I later found out that I could have saved a tenner on each 'cos Amazon had them on offer. Dunno if the offer is still on tho.

  robit 19:48 23 Feb 2004

Hi, I am using Ontrack Fix-It 4.0 and have been having trouble trying to update the av patterns by clicking on 'Update'. Nothing seems to happen and I have to go to V-coms website and download the latest patterns from there. It could be my imagination but my system is slowing down as well, is this the cause do you think.

  SEASHANTY 20:16 23 Feb 2004

Most Likely. Time to upgrade to System Suite 5. I see that Amazon still have the one third saving on this software. Its £27-50 post free. I paid £40 for it at Staples last month.
click here

  Flaco 23:14 23 Feb 2004

As I understand it from VCom, if you're running ver 4.0, the latest virus patterns should not work for you (as all the virus patterns are supplied to them by Trend Micro). Double-check that your system is actually virus protected currently. If your system is markedly slower, e.g. when trying to open an app like IE or email client, then it is down to the outdated Fix-It version you have. Good luck.

  robit 19:08 27 Feb 2004

My order for System Suite 5 has been placed from Amazon still at the price of £27.50 and hopefully it will cure it. Thanks

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