Onspeed - Very Useful Tool But......

  Alan L 22:53 30 Jan 2008

Hello.My ISP is TalkTalk.I live 500 yards from the telephone exchange.With their recent upgrade,I just about managed 3/5Mbps.I installed Onspeed yesterday and observed that the accelerated speed can go as high as 21 times faster.When I've done their speed test,I can get between 5&12Mbps.However,it slows down my getting into Yahoo and many of my 'favourites' list.I don't know why but I have to turn Onspeed off to actually get into Yahoo sometimes.The oddity is downloading music.I don't do illegal downloads only legal ones.I've noticed the download speed go from 30/90kbps to over 300/360kbps.I can also download 12 tracks at a time instead of the original 2 before Onspeed.Sending emails is a problem with it on,as are having 'live' conversations online with people.I usually have to turn it off.I think it sometimes incompatible with TalkTalk.Does anyone else have this experience? Thank you very much.

  woodchip 22:57 30 Jan 2008

You must have something wron, if only 3/5Mbps

I live 1.8 miles from exchange and get over 6mbps on taktalk

  Stuartli 00:06 31 Jan 2008

I would suspect that you have the wrong MTU configured - it's 1432 for AOL and TalkTalk. See:

click here


click here

  Bald Eagle 06:21 31 Jan 2008

Got a Huawei modem for my TalkTalk connection it says it says configured MTU 1432 actual MTU 1400 does this make any difference? If so how do I change it?

  Dipso 07:55 31 Jan 2008

What speed does your modem connect at? If it's less than the full 8 Meg then you could have internal wiring problems.

  interzone55 09:02 31 Jan 2008

Onspeed works by routing your downloads via their servers then compressing them.

This can have a massive effect on text heavy pages and emails, but things that are already compressed will not compress further, and sometimes end up a bit bigger.

Music downloads (MP3 files) are already compressed, so Onspeed will have no benefit on individual files, what it will do though is allow you to download more files simultaneously, as you have found. This is because IE only allows two simultaneous downloads, but Onspeed manages them for you so over-rides this.

Because all traffic using Onspeed is routed via their servers you may find that pages that forbid anonymous logins fail to load, which is probably why you can't login to Yahoo. It's also the reason that Instant Messaging is a little delayed as the messages are travelling through a couple of extra servers

  [email protected] 09:07 31 Jan 2008

onspeed has a live chat help
click here
see if they need to tweak your browser settings maybe.

  Alan L 09:53 31 Jan 2008

Hello.Whilst I thank all of you for your help,I'm not from a computer generation and won't be venturing into areas for which I don't feel confident to 'tweak'. alan14s explanation has gone a long way to helping me understand Onspeed a little better and that I understood his (thankfully) non-technical reply.

I am truly impressed with Onspeed despite the oddity it throws up now and again. I do download only from paid-for music sites. I learned a lesson quite early on three years ago on a so-called 'free' file-sharing company when I downloaded an infected file which ruined the hard-drive and infected my music collection - the infection removed all 33000 tracks which I had spent downloading from my own extensive cd collection.

alan14 - thank you very much for your kindness to this 'silver surfer'! All the best. Alan L.

  interzone55 10:00 31 Jan 2008


loosing 33,000 tracks you'd spent time ripping from your own CDs must have been heartbreaking.

I have a couple of thousand CDs and a similar number of albums, but I just can't find the time to copy them all to my PC. I just rip the odd track whenever I want it for a compilation CD.

  Alan L 10:32 31 Jan 2008

It was heartbreaking. I watched the infection in my Creative Soundblaster Audigy 4 software and PC Music storage remove the tracks at around 100 a second. It was a random removal and I didn't have the knowledge to stop it. In the end, after not a long period, all of them had gone and this was despite having security software which should have prevented it. The hard-drive was ruined and it had to be replaced.

I then spent 3 months putting them all back on. I'm not able to go to work sadly and probably won't again even though I'm only 54. I then had a second hard-drive installed and use this now as a pure back-up with an external hard-drive back-up for the same thing. I've effectively now got an original and 2 back-ups. I've since sold on all the cds and can never get them back. I'd be heartbroken if it ever happened again.

Am glad to see that you like music as much as myself though alan14 - us Alans have to musically stick together! All the best, Alan L.

  Stuartli 10:36 31 Jan 2008

ONSpeed is a bit of a gimmick, especially as you can make a simple tweak to IE6 or use FineTune Firefox for Mozilla's Firefox that achieves pretty much the same thing for free.

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