ONSPEED connection accelerator.

  Daibus 09:38 24 Feb 2004

I have just installed ONSPEED after it being recommended in a magazine.

It really does work with a dial up connection, and it makes downloading from the Web very fast indeed. The blurb says that it makes a dial up as quick as a Broadband connection.
Have any of you guys had any experience with this programme and what, if any, are the pros or cons of this software?


  Darth Port 11:35 24 Feb 2004

I've also installed this program, and am very impressed. For 25 quid a year, it's as good as I need for a quicker connection. You can easily adjust the settings for more detail etc. in pictures, but in general I haven't had to do this.

My measured download speed went up from 44K to 233K after running ONSPEED. Highly recommended. (click here)

  Paranoid Android 13:40 24 Feb 2004

This bit of kit is seriously impressive for those of us stuck in the dark ages of dial-up access. OK, so it uses compression trickery to achieve the job, and it still has one or two foibles, but it seems to do more or less what it says on the tin.

I have set it to low compression, and my recorded download speed in PCPitstop (automatic downlad bandwidth test) is 274 kb/sec with very litle loss of quality. This compares to 41 kb/sec with Onspeed disabled.

Onspeed disabled 41 Kb/sec
Level 1 compression 183 kb/sec
Level 2 compression 274 kb/sec
Level 3 compression 411 kb/sec
Level 4 compression 623 kb/sec

Using the larger 200Kb and 500Kb test download samples, the difference is much smaller but still noticable.

Loading the BBC web page dropped from 17 seconds with Onspeed disabled, to under 8 seconds on level 2.

And yes, I cleared the cache in between.

So far the email is giving me some problems, but I can live without accellerated email if push comes to shove. And it remains to be seen what the customer service is like.


  Paranoid Android 10:46 27 Feb 2004

OK here's the lowdown. This thing is not a download accelerator, just a browser accelerator. In other words it makes very little difference to downloading files and patches (OK it helps a bit, maybe increase from 48K to 56K).

This is because it uses clever compression to reduce the size of web pages being downloaded, and a special server to boost speed. Items which won't compress are mostly unaffected.

However it seems to greatly speed up the loading of standard web pages in a browser, especially where it is mainly text and images not Flash. This can make a big difference to the web browsing experience if broadband is not an option.

One or two quirks - it sometimes causes problems inputting passwords, and it can fool php type database engines into loading the wrong page - I think the cache gets confused. These problems can be overcome by momentarily disabling it (from the taskbar) and re-enabling it afterwards.

If you have OnSpeed enabled you also have to establish your dial up connection before loading IE or you might get an error page.

I have been unable to get it working with email, but to be honest I haven't tried very hard.

So I work it like this. I start with it disabled while I connect to the net. For short online sessions I don't bother, but for extended browsing sessions I enable OnSpeed and things load faster. A lot faster.

There is some degradation of image quality, especially fine colour graduations and fills, but in general you won't notice the difference.

7/10, but still needs some development to iron out the glitches.


  g0slp 22:26 24 May 2004

My eye was drawn to the ad for this 'service' in the latest PCA mag. Any comments by new users of ONSPEED? It does look interesting.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 01:05 25 May 2004

I think there recently was a long post where things seemed to be going horribly wrong with Onspeed and plenty of the Emperor's New Clothes abounding. Perhaps someone will provide a linky...


  g0slp 06:25 25 May 2004

There was this link (from Consumerwatch)

click here

Is that the one you were thinking of? Haven't found much else as yet. 'Emperer's new clothes'? Possibly a very perceptive comment - I don't know. Certainly there's a lot of "Snake Oil" about, which is why I always appreciate the input of others on the forum.


  Stuartli 08:38 25 May 2004

The link you mention includes the registry tweak I found during some research on OnSpeed after originally being offered the chance to take it up for £25 a year from 192.com.

I'd rather spend that £25 on Guinness, so did the tweak instead and found that there is a speed increase, though not always noticeable. Others fared better it seems.

In any case I consistently get 49.2kbps with Tiscali and 51.7-52kbps with Pipex on dialup, so I'm probably getting the best dialup speeds possible from such a connection.

  g0slp 09:10 25 May 2004

Thanks for your input.

I'm going to try the tweak later today, & will post back in due course.

I'm reluctant to spend cash on such things too (got some Yorkshire blood in me!), so will see how it goes.


  Stuartli 09:41 25 May 2004

My mother's half Scottish, so I'm a quarter Scottish and a quarter Guinness - most of the rest is shrouded in mystery...:-)

  Stuartli 13:07 25 May 2004

Just gone online again today and Tiscali comes up with a 50.7kbps connection...:-)

Must have been something wrong though - it disconnected after about 35 seconds, which is a rare occurance with Tiscali...:-(

The speed's not unusual around here, however, as a pal gets 52kbps consistently on Tiscali PAYG with a cheapo modem, yet lives a mile from the exchange.

In contrast, I'm only half-a-mile away and with the benefit of BT upgraded housebox to master socket wiring after the line developed an earth fault in the BT section.

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