The only user account has been disabled

  brooksider 10:56 29 Apr 2008

My PC hhas only one user account - administrator.
This has been accidentaly disabled.
I cannot boot up in Safe Mode by either F5 or F8

  Ditch999 11:50 29 Apr 2008

Whats the OS? Did you create a password for the Admin acc?

  brooksider 12:02 29 Apr 2008

thanks Ditch999
OS is windows XP Pro There was no password

  Ditch999 12:13 29 Apr 2008

When you say disabled do you mean that you get to the welcome screen and theres nothing there? If so, hit Ctrl - Alt - Del twice.
Do you have an XP CD?

  brooksider 12:25 29 Apr 2008

Bootup is OK, Log On window is ok

When I hit the OK button I get LogOn Message
"This account has been disabled. Please see your system administrator"

Yes I have the XP CD , but even with this I can't get beyond the LogOn screen

  Ditch999 12:37 29 Apr 2008

You say you cant boot up in Safe Mode. Does your keyboard have a F Lock or Function Lock? If so try it with it on and off. Just keep hitting F8 from the start and if that doesnt work try F5. I know you said you tried that but the F Lock does make a difference.

  Taff™ 13:36 29 Apr 2008

At the log on screen pres CTRL+Alt+Del twice in succession. Type in administrator and leave the password blank. Does that get you in?

  brooksider 14:40 29 Apr 2008

To Ditch999
Have tried thhe F button on & off but still no Safe mode.

To Taff,

Administrator with no password is my normal LogOn
This is the account that has been disabled

  ventanas 14:44 29 Apr 2008

Let's remember,, this is XP professional and it cannot be installed without entering a password for the administrator account, despite what brooksider may think. If it's been forgotten and a password reset disk was not created then there is little chance of recovery.
Also it is impossible to complete installation without setting up at least one user other than the Admin and Guest accounts. It is never a good idea to run logged into the Admin account and another user must be available, unless it has been intentionally deleted. Windows will not normally permit the deletion of the final user on a system, nor will it permit the deletion of the logged on account, even if logged on as the Administrator. Also the Admin account does not appear on the Welcome screen unless intentionally put there, and that isn't easy as it has to be done through Local Users and Groups. Also disabling the Admin account requires going to some depth within the advanced user options to achieve this. Accidentally is not really possible.
So something unknown must have happened. brooksider, do you have any third party application that permits messing about with accounts, other than this possibility something nasty must be the suspect.
You could try using your CD to run a repair, or go to the last resort and do a clean reinstall.

  Ditch999 15:12 29 Apr 2008

Put your XP CD in, and boot from it, just go through Setup like you're resinstalling it except for one step. After you've pressed F8 to accept the agreement and you get to the part of installing, one of the options is Repair. Select R to repair. It'll copy files and eventually reboot. Do not hit any key to boot from the CD, you'll see Installing Windows. Watch the left hand side of the install screen. As soon as you see it say Installing Device Drivers, hit the keys Shift and F10 together. It'll take you to a command prompt.

At this point type nusrmgr.cpl (new user manager control panel I think is what it stands for - someone correct me if I'm wrong). You'll get a graphical screen to the user accounts. It'll probably say Guest is Off. Doesn't matter, on the left hand upper side, create a new account using a different name than administrator or anything you've created before and give it administrator access.

Once done, close that screen and type exit to exit the command prompt so setup can continue, just input your license number again and off you go. It'll automatically log you in since you're still in a workgroup mode. Once logged in, click on start, and right click on My Computer, then manage, go to Users & Groups, then Users and then right click whatever account you want to re-enable. Remember that the new account you had created doesn't have a password, so either log out and log in as administrator and delete or disable the temporary account you previously created or whatever you decide to do - just don't disable all accounts

  brooksider 15:51 29 Apr 2008

To ventanas.

My XP Pro must be different from yours.
As you can see from my earlier reply I only have the Administrator A/c and no Guest A/c.
I always log on as Administrator with no password.

It was a self inflicted erroor though of course not intentional.

Even with the installation CD in the drive I still get the LogOn window annd no option to re-install.

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