Only see usb drive on startup

  Mitch5062 14:20 11 Sep 2007

I have a 4GB EasyDisk usb drive which my PC can only see if it is plugged in at startup. If I plug it in when the PC is running the usb drive is not recognised. How can I rectify this? The PC is running XP Pro SP2.

  Brad G 14:32 11 Sep 2007

you could try uninstalling the drivers for the external hard drive and reinstalling them?

by any chance do you unplug the hard drive without stopping the shardware first from your system tray?

  Mitch5062 14:42 11 Sep 2007

The usb drive is a stock standard usb flash drive. As far as I am aware it has no drivers to uninstall. And no, I do not unplug the usb drive without stopping it from the system tray

  Brad G 14:54 11 Sep 2007

Mitch, while the USB device is detected on your pc, it will be listed in device manager. to get here go to:

right click on "my computer" , select properties

c;lick on the hardware tab at the top, and then click on device manager

you will need to find this in the list. usually what i would do to confirm that i know its the right one, is by unplugging it, and plugging it in again, as this would remove and re-appear in the list although this will be tricky for you if your encountering the problem you mentioned

once you have found it, right click on it in the list and select uninstall

  Mitch5062 15:51 11 Sep 2007

Brad G: Situation gone from bad to worse. Now I cannot see usb drive even when plugged in at startup. Tried three times using different usb ports and confirmed ports working okay by using other usb drives.

  Brad G 16:21 11 Sep 2007

well its sounding like theres a problem with the firmware on the usb stick. when was this last working properly? could you not do a system restore to that point?

  Mitch5062 16:51 11 Sep 2007

Brad G: Do you really think a system restore would have any effect on a usb drive? Wouldn't that have the effect of taking just the operating system back to an earlier state, and not effect an external device?
Unless I can find some method of connecting to the usb drive I am at a loss to know what to do.

  Brad G 17:01 11 Sep 2007

my point is, is that windows is not detecting your usb device, and if it was once, then restoring to that point would revert any changes to drivers etc. have you tried plugging it in to another computer? does it work fine on them? if it does, its a problem with the operating system and a system resotre would be on the right path

hi does it appear in disc management

right click my computer>manage>disc management>

click here

  Mitch5062 21:21 12 Sep 2007

Sadly, as per the description to Brad G at 15:51 I no longer can see the usb drive under disk management even with the drive plugged in at startup. I have a laptop which also runs XP Pro and the usb drive cannot be seen on that either. That leads me to the conclusion that there is a significant problem with the usb drive. Are there any alternate ways/utilities which may be able to access a delinquent usb drive?

  bgrave 21:45 12 Sep 2007

Is there a problem with the card reader ?.

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