Only 1 PC able to connect to Internet

  TrueEnigma 13:16 02 Mar 2005

I have just set up a network using Belkin 125g modem/router (broadband is ADSL). Main PC (Win XP SP2)is wired to router and can connect to internet with no trouble.
Another PC (Win98 SE) is using a Belkin 125g wireless card but I cannot connect to internet with it. I have had endless discussions with Belkin but to date the problem as not been resolved.
All stats for wireless seem fine. The 2 pcs can see each other but I have no entries in the DHCP list (think thats what its called).
Security is set with wep but in the router settings homepage it says that security is disabled.
I have tried connecting a laptop, which does sometimes show in the DHCP list but with a different MAC address to that stated on ipconfig/all. When I attempt to access internet with this I get Access denied message.
I am getting extremely frustrated and want to through the lot out of the window...please can someone help me!

  TomJerry 14:27 02 Mar 2005

maybe try the following if you have not done so

On the wireless laptop, run network wizard, click my network place, click set up a small office/home network, make correct slection which is to select "access internet via a gateway"

again on your wireless laptop, click connection icon and do some set up such as get IP address automatically

Now, you may need to access router's set up program, set up mac address filtering etc (I think you have already done this if two computers can see/access each other).

important bit: find NAT (network address translation) and set it as NATP, also turn on DHCP server

by the way, it is a good idea to disable/uninstall firewall software when you set up network, when everything working and you put them back again

good luck

  LeadingMNMs 16:49 02 Mar 2005

If the router settings say that WEP is enabled, then either enable it and ensure that the 98 machine uses that key, or leave it disabled and disable it on the 98 machine.

The MAC address is assigned to the card, so if you've got two network adapters (i.e. an ethernet port) on the 98 machine, you may be reading this instead of the wireless cards.

  Chezdez 17:43 02 Mar 2005

yeah, i would guess you have another port, probably ethernet already in

go to device manager (right click "my computer" > properties > hardware > device manager), scroll down to network adapters, and open the list

let us know what's in there, and if there are any yellow question marks anywhere

  Charence 18:30 03 Mar 2005

Set it up manually

Go to Network Connections > Properties of Wireless LAN, click TCP/IP and PROPERTIES. Choose manually configure

IP Address: Unique in network (e.g

Subnet Mask: Same as others on network (e.g.

Default Gateway: IP of the Router (e.g.

DNS Server 1: IP of the Router (e.g.

See if that works.


  TrueEnigma 02:10 05 Mar 2005

Hi All
Thank you all for your advice, some of which I followed without results. However, I am pleased to report that the wireless PC is now able to connect to internet...I tried it on my old wired card and hey presto! it worked..the router automatically picked up all the PCs info. I then uninstalled that card and loaded the wireless and hey presto! worked!!!
It took me a week to resolve this issue with endless head banging and asking questions. Thanks to you guys I managed to stay sane (well almost Keep the good work up!

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