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  nick_j007 09:19 18 Apr 2003

Hi all when I go to Help on the top line of my explorer page and then down to Online support I used to go direct to Microsoft page, but I now go to Freeserves (my ISP) help page which is hardly the same.
Anyone know of a wat to revert bact to the Microsoft page please?

Many thanks,


  MAJ 10:42 18 Apr 2003

You need to edit the registry, nick_j007, so make sure you backup the registry first, before making any changes.

Go to Start > Run and type in "regedit" (without the quote marks). Hit OK. When the registry editor appears, navigate (using the little + signs) to:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Help_Menu_URLs

Click on that "Help_Menu_URLs" folder in the left-hand pane and it's contents will show in the right-hand pane. Double click the entry Online_Support and you should see the Freeserve address highlighted, hit the Delete key on your keyboard to delete the Freeserve entry and replace it with:


(I have put a space before "support" to show the url on this forum, remove that space before entering it into the registry editor)

Click OK then exit the registry and the proper page should be restored.

I have also noticed that Freeserve replaces another entry in the registry, change it as well by the same method, that entry is at:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Identities\{25 DIGIT ID NUMBER}\Software\Microsoft\Outlook Express\5.0

Click the "5.0" folder and change the entry for "HelpUrl" in the right-hand pane the same way as you did above.

  nick_j007 18:22 19 Apr 2003

Good man MAJ. I shall do that shortly.
Thanks once again for taking the time to help me out here. Bloomin' good service or what.
I went into my local Spar yesterday and I said to the lady as she was filling a fridge shelf "Where do you keep your coleslaw please?" At that she simply handed me one in less than a second...she was putting them out as I asked! Reminded me of such a quick solution here.

Cheers for now,


  MAJ 20:04 19 Apr 2003

Let's hope it works for you, Nick, but more importantly, let's hope that coleslaw tastes nice and doesn't have too many big bits, I don't like big bits in me coleslaw. :-)

  nick_j007 20:20 19 Apr 2003

All done MAJ thanks again. Your instruction were clear and correct to ther dot.
Am rather pleased also as I see we will be ADSL enabled end on May! I can now make mistakes up to ten times faster ;-)
Absolutely no big bits in the coleslaw either. Damn, life's good!


PS. To save my registry I 'EXPORTED' them to my Documents. Is that sufficient and correct?

  MAJ 20:30 19 Apr 2003

Now I'm jealous, Nick, we won't be getting BroadBand for a while, still need another 100 or so people to register interest, but I live in hope.

Yes, Nick, you got the Registry backup correct, that's how to do it. If you ever need to restore it, just double click that .reg file, or right click it and choose Merge, and it will be restored. Leave it where it is for a day or so, if you see no adverse effects to your editing (there shouldn't be), just delete the .reg file, it won't be any use to you later as your registry changes as you install and uninstall stuff.

  nick_j007 21:28 19 Apr 2003

I entered 'hope' in the bt search bar and no result. Ah well, move away from hope into an ADSL enabled area I say!
Na, just kidding!
BT site did have a while back some sample posters in PDF to put up in local P.O's etc. to canvass more interest and telling people what to do. Just a thought. I live in a small town called Bewdley, Worcestershire and thought we'd never get it so hang on.


  nick_j007 21:34 19 Apr 2003

click here
Click on Broadband campaigns once there and the PDF is there as a link. May be of interest to you or others....


  MAJ 21:46 19 Apr 2003

Thanks for that Nick, I live in Armagh N.Ireland, the population is about 15,000 (I think). Myself and a few mates have decided to do something like that, stick a few posters up etc. and there was a write up about BB in the local rag a few months ago, which put a bit of a spurt on the number of those registering interest. Must have a word with the rag to get them to run another article on the subject, you never know, with any luck, I might get a nice Chrimbo pressie this year. :-)

  nick_j007 22:11 19 Apr 2003

That's it mate. Keep at it; the scales will tip eventually.


  nick_j007 22:14 19 Apr 2003

That's it mate. Keep at it; the scales will tip eventually.

Spent a long w/e last week in Courtmacsherry (S.I). very nice it was too....despite it p****** it down all day Sunday! Took a good number of pic's but many were blighted by rain on the lens etc ;-(
Guinness was good though :-)
Can post you a couple of pic's if you drop me your email address.


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