Online Spyware scanner

  GaT7 15:02 14 Jul 2004

If anyone's interested, there is a good, quick, upto-date online spyware scanner run by Webroot (makers of Spy Sweeper). It sometimes finds nasties that Adaware & Spybot have missed.

To access it click here. Click on 'start spy audit' on the above link & 'Open' in the File Download dialogue box. Takes only a few minutes to run even on dialup.

NOTE - It's just for running a quick scan.
After the scan it will only tell you if your PC's infected or not. It will NOT remove anything. To remove anything it finds you'll have to d'load/install Spy Sweeper click here (trial version has no updates). G

  bretsky 01:32 15 Jul 2004

Also this is very good which I have click here it's not free but when you register (approx £20) you get updates whenever you are on line and free upgrades.

Flagged up and got rid of a few things that Ad-aware and spybot s&d would
not! .........recommend it!

bretsky ;0)

  Djohn 02:35 15 Jul 2004

This one is also very good, free, will do an online scan and remove the virus. Trend-Micro. click here

  Gaz 25 04:18 15 Jul 2004





spywarebegone .com
freespywarescan .org


aggressive advertising (1); advertising w/ known CWS sites; poor scan reporting; false positives work as goad to purchase.

It is rogue anti-spyware, look here for the list of other 'dodgy' ones: click here

I'd remove Spyware BeGone and then run this: click here

Then finaly check with Spybot and Adaware.

  bretsky 12:34 15 Jul 2004

Thanx for that Gaz 25 will bare that in mind, but as I said , I have had the program for a few months now and no probs and it has got rid of a load of crap for me-diallers and all sorts.

bretsky ;0)

  nick_j007 13:15 15 Jul 2004


After doing a deep scan with AdAware, this turned up 6 Adwares, and 4 Adware cookies.

Some of the Adwares are seemingly 'unmissable' like:

Alexa Toolbar
Spy #1d3va -- Research In Progress

Is Ad-aware doing a good job I wonder? I have it set up 'right'.

I'm running the full Spy Sweeper now to see what it can see.



  GaT7 14:46 15 Jul 2004

Also get Spybot-S&D click here (which sometimes finds scum that Adaware misses) & SpywareBlaster (SB)click here (blocks most ad/spyware from installing in the first place). Also worth running scans with CWShredder from time to time click here, & others recommend a2 click here. G

  BLB 17:44 15 Jul 2004

I have Adaware, Spybot s&d and spywareblaster and have been quit happy with them as they occasionally find the odd spyware,until I tried Spy sweeper(Webroot) .It found about 150 nasties including Redrush, Backweb and other well known pests.I was amazed how thorough Spy sweeper was compared to the others.This is the one for me. Try it for free.

  Bugzee 06:39 16 Jul 2004

is cw shredder any good ?

  GaT7 18:12 17 Jul 2004

"CoolWebShredder (CWShredder) will find and destroy all traces of CoolWebSearch on your system..." click here & click here for more info. HTH, G

PS - Closing this thread now.

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