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  ?. 14:12 19 Jun 2006

I am soon going to be making a website using dreamwever 8 that will be used for ordering products and having a login section for customers.

I will want to connect the website to a database that will have product lists/customers etc so that the website can be used for ordering products from a shop.

Firstly, which would be the easiest database program to use, Access, openoffice.....?

Also, does anybody know of any tutorials that will help me to do this?

Thanks in advance

  ade.h 15:13 19 Jun 2006

You can run a database from MDB, XLS and various delimited text files. My preference would be to enter all your data - at least initially - in Excel or any equivalent that can output to XLS format. Excel files can easily and reliably by imported into Access, or exported as delimited text. Excel provides the most straighforward way of creating a new set of data from scratch and gives you a lot of flexibility.

  ?. 22:25 19 Jun 2006

I am doing this as an A level project so it will not be anything major.

Are there any tutorials out there that will be able to tell me the basics for tihs kinda stuff to help me on my way?

  Forum Editor 23:26 19 Jun 2006

with no commercial implications - just something to illustrate the basics of an online store - then an Access database would probably be OK. It definitely would not be OK in a truly commercial site.

Anyone designing an e-commerce site nowadays would use one of the excellent off-the-shelf solutions, like Actinic.

  Forum Editor 23:29 19 Jun 2006

click here for help with your Access database.

  ?. 23:41 19 Jun 2006

Thanks FE.

I already know how to do databases (last years project) but I now want to try an take it a step further and link the database to a website, if this is possible, and depending on how hard it is?

The project is to have a system, in this case a website, that could be used if wanted to by an end user, so it would need to be a working system.

  ?. 20:00 20 Jun 2006

I can't say I do have access to a server that runs ASP.

I will just be using my desktop pc for this.

The database for th project will only really be used for holding the data of customers, porducts etc etc, so it does not have to be too large.

What are the possible ways of linking this kind of database to a website?

And also I am guessig for the logon procedures, customers profiles etc etc I will be having to use java?

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