Online images displaying incomplete on both laptops

  MichaelHlousek-Nagle 21:27 17 Feb 2015

Hello all,

We run two laptops:

1: Lenovo Ideapad, Windows 7, intel core i3, 64 bit, 8 gb RAM, nvidia GeForce graphics.

2: HP Pavilion, Windows 8.1, intel core i5, 64 bit, 8 gb RAM, Intel hd graphics.

Both laptops are connected to a Netgear 54mbps ADSL2+ wireless router, receiving Virgin broadband. This set-up has functioned very well with no problems for many months... until about three nights ago.

BOTH laptops are now having problems with displaying images online. When browsing online they are now struggling to load complete images, whether large or small, whether jpeg, png, gif. Images appear garbled and green or grey - sometimes only the bottom half, sometimes almost the entire image. Sometimes a blurred pixelated 'draft' of the entire image appears, but as the laptop tries to complete the rendering in full resolution it's as though it gets halfway down and gives up, displaying grey or green banding or pattern instead.

Pages are not otherwise garbled, there are no problems with text or formatting - only with the images. Movie files still stream with no problem, even in HD.

To reiterate, this is happening on BOTH laptops and started a few nights ago. I can't recall any change that could have caused the problem. It is happening on IE11, on Google Chrome, on MSN sports, news and weather apps, Weirdly, this problem is often barely present during the day and becomes severe in the evening. Here's what I've tried:

I've run AVG scans on both laptops and found nothing.

I've deleted offline content and cache.

I've reset all IE settings to default.

I've disabled all browser add-ons.

I've checked the drivers for the graphics.

I've unplugged the router for an hour and tried again.

I've factory reset the router and re-installed ISP account settings.

I've torn my hair out, lit candles and prayed to the Microsoft logo.

Nothing seems to be helping at all. Even during the evening when images are hardly loading at all, we can stream videos or use Skype on both laptops without problem - it's still only image display that is a problem - which leaves me puzzled: if the problem is affecting BOTH laptops then it seems logical that the problem must lie with the router or our ISP. But, if there is a problem with our router or ISP, why are there no problems with HD video streaming, with text, with anything other than images?

This is the first time I've been completely bamboozled by a problem like this, so if anyone can help I'd be hugely grateful.

Thanks for reading,


  Secret-Squirrel 09:20 18 Feb 2015

Michael, online streaming services and regular web pages use different protocols and port numbers so that may explain your differing performance results.

Although unlikely to be the culprit, it's possible your computers are using a proxy server so check your public IP address and make sure it's a Virgin Media one. Post back if you need help with this.

A likely cause of these issues is your router so see if you can borrow one from a friend, colleague, or neighbour for a while for testing purposes. Also, because your problems are much worse in the evening then it could also be an ISP problem so you may want to get in touch with Virgin.

  Daisy_Michael 13:33 18 Feb 2015

If it's only happening at the night time and works fine during the day then it must be your ISP or internet connection. You probably needs to take one of your laptops to some location with internet access (public) and see if the same thing happens or not.

I'm sure your ISP is the culprit here.

  MichaelHlousek-Nagle 00:41 19 Feb 2015

Squirrel and Daisy - thank you both very much for taking the time to read my post and reply. I'm very grateful. I'll investigate further and try to address the issues you raise - namely the proxy possibility and trying a laptop on some other network to see whether the problem persists. Incidentally, the problem seems to be worsening, in that it's now as bad during the day as it is in the evening. I'll keep trying, and thanks again both of you.

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