Online gaming.....What di I need?

  Need4Speed 19:08 04 Nov 2005

As the above title says any info please and how fast a bb or doesnt it matter as Ill be running 1MB.

Will that be enough?

  flyingbrit 21:31 04 Nov 2005

For a start you'll need a son and I both play online with a 1meg connection we get somewhere around 50 ping time. You can play well with a ping of 150ish but the smaller the number the better(less lag)it all depends on how far away from the server you are.So with 1meg you'll do well......britsdad

  Need4Speed 07:22 05 Nov 2005

What do you mean by ping and by "how far away from the server you are".....?

  AndySD 08:28 05 Nov 2005

Ping is the time it takes for you pc to send a message to another on the net and the message to be answered. So the faster it is the better. The speed will vary from conection to connection.

Try it go to Start then run type in CMD amd hit enter, then type in


[just remember the space. ping(space)]

and hit enter.

  PaulB2005 08:38 05 Nov 2005

1 Mb will be fine.

  justme 09:55 05 Nov 2005

Unless you are extremely lucky, you will also need a large bank account to pay for your losses. Don't get carried away, and never ever try to recoup your losses by doubling your stake every time.

Done in moderation online gambling can be fun, but it will cost you money. Don't gamble what you cannot afford to lose.

  Need4Speed 11:06 05 Nov 2005

Who said anything bout gambling!!!!!!!

  Haol 11:20 05 Nov 2005

I don't think Need4Speed was talking about gambling but that was still a good point. 1mb should be enough an obviously having a game to play is necessary:Gunz, Enemy Territory and Guild Wars are good games to play. If you have bought any new PC games then check if you can play them online aswell.

  sharkfin 12:39 05 Nov 2005

yep 1mg should be more than enough. I used to play Soldier of fortune 2 and medal of honor on a 512MB connectiona and it was fine.

First you nned to pick a game....what do you have in mind?

  Need4Speed 14:29 05 Nov 2005

DOOM 3, Think Quake 4 IF poss etc etc Cant wait to kicK...?

  flyingbrit 19:15 05 Nov 2005

As Haol says take a look at enemy territory it's free to downloadfrom here click here;14380 it'256meg so it will take a while to download,and don't worry about ping times just play the game if it seems too slow play on a different server(it will all become clear as you play)

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