Online Gaming - How Sporting is it actually?

  OU812 23:59 11 Apr 2004

Having recently upgraded to broadband I thought I would waste some time this bank hol weekend trying my hand at the online gaming versions of UT2003(full) and the demo version of 2004.

Having played the game singleplayer and been able to beat the PC at "Masterful" level I thought I would at least stand a chance.

What has struck me however is how some of the "players" seem streets ahead of the rest with a score rate that equates to a "kill" every 10 seconds of less and there relative invunerability to damage (as opposed to my good self!)

So my question is am I just rubbish or are there some whole scale shernanagins going on here and if so are there any "clean" servers that you can play on where you can be sure that its only skill that seperates you from the rest?

  hugh-265156 00:07 12 Apr 2004

i dont play a lot online but do enjoy a bit of counterstrike now and again.

from my own experience most servers are filled with cheaters galore.spoils the whole thing..scumbags :-)

these guys play fair click here&

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 01:23 12 Apr 2004

There are some bad apples online and they are easy to recognise when u play a lot,but having said that there is also some very skilled players
online too,as for totaly clean servers i dont think there is such a thing available right now and there wont be for a while until a decent Anti cheat method that spans all games can be introduced and is inbuilt into the games themself.But while developers are making millions as things are its not going to happen overnight.


  OU812 16:32 12 Apr 2004

Thanks for the response, I think from your comments and from a few things I have looked on the web (including one or too forums where some rabid cheaters where trying to justify there injustifiable actions) I can answer my own question and that it probably isn't that sporting at the moment and other than for playing on a secure LAN or on a passworded server with people you trust it isn't likely to be in the forseeable future.

My problem is that all I want is an online blast ever now and again and am not interested in LAN parties and the like (and don't know anyone for that matter who is) so I'll just have to use a suck it and see approach when it comes to online gaming since at least the cheaters seem pretty easy to spot (if not stop).

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