Online gaming connection issues

  Mattneedshelpnetworking 19:17 16 Jun 2014

I've been trying to play online via Dolphin emulator, (port fowarding should not be required as hosting works with an ID system). I've tried playing with around 15 individuals, and I've only connected to around 5 people successfully. I can connect to those 5 any time no problem, and I know for a fact that the people I can play with can play with the people I can't play with, so the problem is going to be on my end. I've tried port fowarding and have used a port checker, TCP and UDP worked but I still couldn't host (I'm pretty sure I can't host full stop). I've also ensured all my computer firewalls and network firewalls are not blocking connections, and I've made sure Universal Plug n Play is enabled; so far nothing has helped. I was wondering what might be causing this issue and how I might be able to fix it, some people have suggested getting a new router would fix the problem, but I'd rather not unless it's completely necessary. Thanks for any help in advance :) Extra information: when playing other videogames using a program called Hamachi to make connections I can connect to friends just fine, but they can never connect to me if I attempt to host, so the problem definitely isn't limited to the Dolphin program I'm using. -Matt

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