Online fraud

  Astrid 13:38 01 Dec 2008

My operating system is Windows XP SP3. I have Kaspersky Internet Security update daily installed. I never take my credit card out of the house because I only use it for online purchases with reputable sites. Or so I thought, until two weeks ago someone topped up their mobile with £50 with Vodafone using my credit card number. The credit card company phoned to say it looked a suspicious transaction so I was able to agree very quickly that it wasn't my transaction and that they were right to query it. The cc company is still investigating the situation, meanwhile I must pay it and be refunded when investigation over, if they agree - weird this, because they were the ones who alerted me in the first place. Question is, how did the culprit get my cc number in the first place. Of course, I immediately changed the account and received new cards, but now I'm nervous it could happen again. Is there any other guaranteed security precautions I should be taking?

  lofty29 13:43 01 Dec 2008

No matter how careful you are this will happen from time to time, luckily most of the CC companies are on the ball, had this happen to me, only for a couple of quid, the CC people spotted it came from a funny area and blocked the card at once. new cards issued money refunded.

  lofty29 13:46 01 Dec 2008

As to how it happened, there have benn instances of call centre's selling the info, or random number generators being used.

  chub_tor 13:54 01 Dec 2008

I was also caught when Cotton Traders were hacked and my card details taken. The card details were then used to purchase some itunes - apparently the thieves often make small purchases at first to see if the details are good - luckily Marbles picked it up and cancelled the card immediately and issued me with another one.

The Cotton Traders problem was discussed extensively by the BBC but they have never admitted liability to me. I have stopped buying from them.

  jimv7 14:13 01 Dec 2008

I have been a victim as well, 1st a withdrawal of £5 without the pin number then a £585 credit exchange all on my debit card.

The bank rang me to query the transactions and when realised I had no knowledge of the transactions, immediately refunded the money to my account.

  Spark6 14:32 01 Dec 2008

The most likely culprit is, as has already been posted, a call centre or one of the on-line companies you have dealt with. Virtually impossible to trace but keep your guard up.

Your account should be credited with the £50 by the card company!

  Switcher 15:46 01 Dec 2008

Seems strange that your card company spotted it yet still paid out leaving you to claim back
It happened to me with EGG they checked with me and told me they would not authorise the payments
then renewed my cards. They advised me that the crooks try one ot two small value transactions to see that the card is current then hit for a large value transaction. The benefit of an online card is of course that you can check your account at any time and spot anything unusual as soon as possible, if it gets by the card company's security.

  Astrid 15:49 01 Dec 2008

Thank you for replies. As this has already taken over ten days to 'investigate', what could the investigation consist of. I know from my cc statement that the transaction was performed from Newbury, Berks, and have been told that Fraud people from Vodafone may contact me (haven't so far), but what else would anyone need to know before ascertaining it wasn't me, or my husband? Or is talk of an investigation simply a formality? I've phoned the credit card company three times, including the first response to theirs but I come off the phone with a sense that things will take time.

  Spark6 19:37 01 Dec 2008

Have you received a statement with this disputed transaction on it and have you settled the payment? Be patient.

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