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  sikefula 10:52 07 May 2007

Hi folks,

I share my home network with my mate,and both log on to one of the Proboards forums for a chat/discussion.

Last night,when I tried to log in,a message appeared that I was banned from the forums and cannot proceed to log in. My mate confirmed that she was indeed banned for continously writing in capital letters!

This has affected me too-apparently our IP address is the one that was blocked from accessing the site. I have no way of contacting the Forum Moderators since I cannot log in.

My questions is?-how can I change my IP address to one that is not recognised as BANNED! Is this a possibility at all?

I am running a Wireless home network with 3 PCs-all banned for forum access.

Please help!,there are some useful Contacts addresses,hints and tips I need to retrieve from these forums.


  howard64 10:54 07 May 2007

there are some sites that allow you to surf without devulging your ip address this might work for you

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:10 07 May 2007

' My mate confirmed that she was indeed banned for continously writing in capital letters!'..wouldn't it have been better for her to write normally?...Anyhow, your IP address changes each time you reconnect to the Net unless you have a static address, so it is unlikely that your IP is banned as it would change everytime. I would imagine that you have to log in using a name and password so this would be what is stopping you. Failing that why not just use a friends' computer and try to log on with that.


  birdface 11:12 07 May 2007

Capital letters are classed as shouting,Most folk don,t like this,Were you not asked to type in lower case letters,

  frostyuk 11:59 07 May 2007

the other thing is it could be your ISP IP address is banned not your IP address alot of companys do this to stop spam mail etc the only thing i can suggest is to log in via another pc and contact them that way

  Forum Editor 12:17 07 May 2007

is the one that was banned - all your computers are behind this address, which is why non of them can access the forum.

Turn the router off overnight, and then try again.

  Kate B 14:15 07 May 2007

Or why don't you talk to the forum administrator and find out if s/he will unban you? You'll only end up banned again if you try and get round it.

  p;3 14:22 07 May 2007

have you had any emails from the board advising you of replies to threads etc? if so an address might be on the bottom of on of them for you to try?

  p;3 14:25 07 May 2007

and it is worth noting for future reference and survival on ANY board that to type IN CAPITALS is considered bad practice; I presume that none of the boards mods etc advised you of this?

  p;3 17:17 07 May 2007

??did you find an email and try mailing them?

  sikefula 23:46 09 May 2007

managed to retrieve the info I wanted via :click here

cheers to all who offered suggestions!

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