Is Online email secure?

  hawthorn59 15:42 08 Jul 2009

Hi Folks

Im thinking of opening a new email account with Ive seen it operate and its very impressive.

One of my worries is whether my email archives will be safe, by that I simply mean safe from ever being lost, or deleted if gmx crashed or ceased to exist.

At the moment Im using a pop email account through windows mail, and that way I can do backups.

But I have a small business Id like to keep seperate and an online account seems a way to do it.



  Graphicool1 15:59 08 Jul 2009

But if you have some data you wish to keep as safe as possible. Then you've got to save it in as many places as you can. IE...

External HDD
Internal Slave Drive
Memory Sticks
Flash Drives
and yes, online too if you want?

As my name implies I'm an artist, photographer and poet. I'm paranoid about my work. So much so I've spent the past three years trying to set up a web site, to show my work while at the same time protecting it. There are many things that can be done. However, nothing is 100% safe.

  hawthorn59 02:51 09 Jul 2009

But if I decide to use gmx, how do I save/backup emails I receive and send online, I wonder?


  gazzaho 03:41 09 Jul 2009

If you have to ask the question then perhaps you've already answered it. I personally wouldn't use any webmail services for important emails.

Using Outlook Express or Windows Mail allows for backup and restore and your email is available even if the webmail servers go down, as you have the physical backup, be it on another hard drive, Flashdrive or whatever.

This is something I can't understand about the upcoming release of Windows 7, it doesn't have a email client at all. If you want to read/write email messages you have to use webmail, have Office installed or download another client like Thunderbird.

  hawthorn59 17:25 09 Jul 2009

Thats worrying allright about Windows 7. What do you do with the emails and email addresses you have setup with Windows Mail?

Anyway I wont have to wworry about Windows 7 yet. Meantime, Im using Windows mail; if I want to keep this new email account seperate, can I use another email client as well? Thunderbird?

If I do how do I set it up....will it automatically import stuff from Windows mail? Or can I even USE 2 email clients together? What would you recommend?



  Newuser939 18:16 09 Jul 2009

I am not sure that gazzaho is entirely right about Windows 7. As I understand it, users will be encouraged to use Windows Live Mail, which is already available as a free download. I am using it at the moment and it certainly handles POP3 accounts. Furthermore, if you select the option to leave messages on the server when downloaded, you can have copies on the web and on your own computer.

  gazzaho 01:11 10 Jul 2009

As far as I'm aware Windows Live Mail is webmail like google mail, is it not just an update on Hotmail? If it's not then I'm wrong and I apologise for misleading people.

To be honest I never downloaded it onto Win 7 RC in order to try it, I downloaded Thunderbird instead, and although I've only used Thunderbird for a few days it seems to be comparable to Outlook Express or Windows Mail. I was immediately at home with the interface.

There's no technical reason I can see why you can't set your computer to use Thunderbird alongside Windows Mail. The only problem would be mail downloaded off the ISP would go to either one client or the other. If you run Windows Mail any mail downloaded while using that program wouldn't be available to Thunderbird and vice versa. That's the only good thing about webmail, you can access it from anywhere with any machine as the mails are stored on the web based mail servers instead of the local computer or email client.

My main complaint with webmail is security, how easy/hard is it for the webmail employees to read peoples email for instance? Does a company based outside the country you live in fall under the same laws you abide by? As far as I'm aware no. If personal information stored in an email was stolen by a webmail company employee, what legal rights would you have?

The reason I'm asking these questions is I don't know, you could also ask the same questions of your ISP, but at the moment I know my ISP is bound by the same laws as I am. A company hosting webmail services in, for the sake of argument, the Philippines certainly does not fall under the same laws I do.

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