online database - what are the options?

  pamelap 11:37 26 May 2009

Looking to set up a database to manage client info used by a team of 5 remote workers, hence would ideally like an online option they can all access in real time. Would like something that we could set up and manage ourselves.
Any ideas? It is for a SME and we don't really want to have to go to a DB company and pay thousands.

  Forum Editor 19:21 26 May 2009

about the type of data that would be involved, and whether you envisage running the database on your own in-house server, or behind a web site?

  pamelap 13:11 27 May 2009

client data - so it needs to be secure, ideally it would sit within/around the existing website

  Forum Editor 18:32 27 May 2009

is it information about the clients - personal data, or is it sales data, or something else, or all three? If I can get a bit more of an idea about what's involved I can offer better advice.

  pamelap 19:18 03 Jun 2009

it would be personal information plus a history of what services they have used and tracking to show what happened when. eg 1-1 meetings with ideally facility to upload documents

  Main Access 14:52 11 Jun 2009

your options are probably limited to SQL or Oracle

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