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  A Maz 06:26 03 Apr 2007

OK if anyone saw my previous post re
Complete crash anyone think they can help?
Well I fitted a new PSU and the system booted, however I have to wait for the POST boot to get to a screen where I have to press F1 to continue, this takes a few minutes to get to, once F1 is pressed I am able to boot into W2K.
I went into the BIOS as I was being told that there was a Hardware Monitor error, and again I got the following information
MB -1c/30.5F !
CPU as above
CPU Fan 0 RPM (however it was working)
Chasis Fan N/A as above
Vcore Volt 4.08v
+3.3 Volt 4.08v
+5 Volt 6.85v
+12 Volt 16.32v
I have at present told the system to ignore these as all fans are working and temps previously were OK. However a few things are still not quite right and I need to sort the monitor error out and to stop the POST process screen at startup.
And at this point I haven't rigorously tested so unsure if the system is stable yet.
Any more idea's from anyone.

  wotbus@ 09:00 03 Apr 2007

Hi. I just read the end of your other thread.
When you installed/powered up on the new PSU, there was no need to set/reset anything in the BIOS setup?
Even fitting a new/different CPU doesn't require any "setting up" as it is normally done automatically by the initial boot sequence when the BIOS checks all connected hardware.
Maybe you have "de-tuned" something by manually configuring...try going into the setup, reset Defaults, save and exit. See what happens. At best, this is your starting point for hardware fault finding. It sounds to me like there is a mobo driver problem(s) by incorrect fault reporting, so you could try a System Restore or even a complete System File Check, but I am not sure how you go about these with Win2k.

  A Maz 09:22 03 Apr 2007

I'll try the default BIOS setting's later, am at work at present.
I intially kept having issues with the Date and Time when unplugging the PSU so I'm now also wondering if the MB battery (is it CMOS?) has been affected...

  wotbus@ 09:45 03 Apr 2007

Hi. The CMOS battery is very important and not just for the time but try to avoid fault finding in different directions and look at the BIOS default settings first. The battery lasts a long time normally as consumption is minimal but if it has been in the system for several years then it is possible it requires replacement. You would not have had any effect on it by doing what you have done to date. Symptoms of a failing battery is the system clock slowing. It will not normally cause problems anywhere else.
A word of caution about changing the battery, and do read elsewhere relative to your own motherboard - a wrong move can require the BIOS to be flashed again. ## the BIOS chip gets erased if the CMOS battery is out for too long. I think in most cases provided it is a "one out/one in" situation, all is OK, but do check first## This is not a dreadful thing to be avoided as the opportunity can be taken to update at the same time if there is a newer BIOS available for your board. The problems arise when you are not prepared for it and don't have the necessary floppy prepared (means doing it on another PC!!!).

  wotbus@ 09:52 03 Apr 2007

PS: click here
Have a read here for a confidence check.

  wotbus@ 09:54 03 Apr 2007

click here
Another good link.

  wotbus@ 17:14 03 Apr 2007

PS: I think I may have given you some duff gen about the BIOS being zapped if the battery is out too long. Thinking about this on my bike ride this afternoon, like you do, I think you can only clear the BIOS by shorting the battery contacts - which has to be pretty intentional and is a recognised way of doing it. Someone else may care to comment.
Good luck anyway.

  A Maz 18:03 03 Apr 2007

OK just got back in and am just checking in before making any changes and while I was in about 10 mins W2K crashed, so I had to log back in, Firefox restored the session OK, but I'm thinking there is more wrong anyway am going for a BIOS default before doing anything else be back soon

I Hope!

  A Maz 18:05 03 Apr 2007

Oh and before I go the time/clock seems to be holding correct even though yes it has been in for several years so I'm thinking not to change the CMOS.

  A Maz 21:49 03 Apr 2007

Back now, no changes really folks so my bios keeps telling me my system crashed due to the fact that the clock speed and CPU were incorrect, I have a 2GHz XP2500+ AMD CPU and I can only set it at 1800 ish or 2200 I've tried both and still both give same crashes. Don't know where to go now to find the issues??

  A Maz 21:55 03 Apr 2007

In fact in writing the above I suddenly thought that I had a XP3200+ but the system is not saying taht anyone know a utility to chack for sure?

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