Onetel / Carphone Warehouse email delays

  Batch 15:46 12 Aug 2008

One of my ISP accounts is with Onetel (now part of Carphone Warehouse).

This was originally a dial-up account, but now I just use the email associated with it.

In the main it works fine. But every so often (maybe every few months), there is a major hiccup in that emails cease to arrive for a day or two and then slowly catch up (and don't arrive in anything like the chronological order they were sent).

I've never come across any other ISP that seems to have such "consistent" problems cropping up repeatly.

For my purposes, it is just about live-able (it would be a lot of effort to change all of the services that are associated with the email address).

My question is this - is this a general problem that all / most Carphone Warehouse services suffer from? The alternative being that is it tied in with the old dial-up service / servers.

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