One&One Domain DNS Problem.

  Patr100 00:31 25 Aug 2004

I registered a and .com with 1&1 almost a year ago, on their Domain Name Plus Package which included POP3 mail.

Then I found the cheap hosting package with Webmania so started building a site on Webmania space. I have the 1&1 domains forwarded to the Webmania space but I won't get any detailed visitor satistics unless I can change the DNS servers. Some months ago when I tried to change to the Webmania DNS servers via the 1&1 control Panel I kept getting error messages eg "Unexpected error try later".

When I called Technical Support I was told that I had to create a sub-domain to be able to change the DNS server but this was not possible as the control panel did not allow this so was of no use in solving my problem. I called again on the 6th May . On this call, A different person then explained that my problem was recognised by others and due to 1&1's own new(?) system technical faults but admitted he did not when it would be resolved so I still had the problem of getting error messages and being unable to change the Primary/secondary nameservers for my Domains held with 1&1. I could only hope that by the time I tried again it would be.

On the 10th of May I received an email with the header: "Satisfied with our Service?"

"Dear Mr. XXXXX,

On 06.05.2004 you, or one of your colleagues, contacted Naim Monjurul from our technical support department. We are constantly striving to improve our service performance and your opinion is greatly appreciated. You can help us by evaluating our service at:

click here

This will only take a minute or two of your time."

and I replied again describing my experience. Almost four months later, I have heard nothing since .

I have just logged in and checked my control panel and I find that now there isn't even any option to change DNS server that I can even try anymore!

1&1 continue to advertise DNS management on their Instant Domain Package though the Domain Name Plus Package that I originally signed up for doesn't seem to be available anymore.I still don't have DNS management.

  Forum Editor 01:08 25 Aug 2004

for you.

Watch this space.

  Jan Friebe - 1&1 17:51 26 Aug 2004

Many thanks for getting in touch. The Domain Name Plus package you hold unfortunately does not benefit from 1&1's newly launched DNS management tool. The easiest way to obtain DNS management would be to upgrade to a new Instant Domain Registration package which can be done directly from your Control Panel. 1&1 has always believed in giving customers the freedom to change packages in line with their changing needs and the process is very simple. The new package is normally active within 4-6 hrs. We apologise for the breakdown in communication. Your last email was sent to our Feedback department and was therefore not addressed by our Technical Support department as you intended. If you would like to let the Forum Editor know your details, I would be delighted to talk you through this offline and make sure that all your concerns have been addressed.

  Patr100 19:08 26 Aug 2004

Thank you for your response.

I've had a good look at the control panel but there is no option that I can see to change package to Instant Domain.

I'll contact FE with my details. 02:38 27 Aug 2004

"We apologise for the breakdown in comunication"

"...was sent to our Feedback department..."

This person is having a laugh! I have sent emails to every link I could find on the control panel about my problem for the last eleven days, and have had one reply telling me it would be sorted in another two or three days (which it wasn't)!

1and1 seems to have got too big to worry about the small punter lately, and I find it disgusting that they can block an account without prior notice and then not bother to answer an email (sorry, 30 emails) trying to put things right.
Thank you webmania for your live help. Maybe 1and1 could take a leaf from your book!

It makes me wonder, with all their new bells and whistles on the new control panel, why are they taking so long to sort out basic problems? To me, it boils down to one thing: TOO MANY COMPLAINTS COMING IN TO HANDLE QUICKLY! What other reason is there?

Sorry to steal your thread, but it's 1and1 related.

  Forum Editor 07:18 27 Aug 2004

to 1&1 for you Barry. 10:46 27 Aug 2004

But this should not have to be done this way. If the only way to get them to reply to an email is for you to intervene, then there is obviously something wrong with their methods.

Thanks anyway, I will let you know if they finally do get back to me.

  Forum Editor 23:22 27 Aug 2004

so let's see. I can understand your irritation but with respect I would think that the way forward is to get the matter sorted out, rather than repeatedly saying it shouldn't happen. It has happened, and there's not much anyone can do about the past. Let's try to ensure it doesn't happen in the future. 23:33 29 Aug 2004

last week saying 'It would be two or three working days'. On Friday, I sent another load of emails and got another reply. Guess what that one said? 'It would be two or three working days'.

Now they are fully aware that the billing dept. only works Monday to Friday, and that it is a Bank Holiday, so you may as well say another week. This will make almost three weeks with all five sites offline.

The emails gave the exact amount, so why didn't they do it there and then?

  Taran 20:28 30 Aug 2004

I came in this evening from a few days break, attempted to access one of my 1&1 sites via FTP.

Access denied.


Tried accessing the site via web browser.

Error 400 bad request.

Very odd.

Tried my 1&1 control panel. Site has been locked but other accounts with 1&1 show as normal in the control panel and may be accessed.

Tried calling 1&1 tech support.

Not available over the bank holiday.

Next available telephone support 8am tomorrow morning.


I updated my credit card details in the site control panel on 09.08.2004 at the request of 1&1 (the same day that they emailed me to let me know that my CC details needed updating to process my domain renewal).

Clearly they haven't tried to re-bill, despite my having updated the details in my control panel as per request.

I'll be calling them bright and early tomorrow morning. I don't really want the issue resolved. I'll be transferring the site out.

If I update my CC details in my 1&1 control panel as per request the least 1&1 can do in the meantime is attempt to re-bill using the new details.

As it stands, one of my main business sites is now offline as are several clients test sites which are currently in process in sub-directories.

Ask me if I'm a happy bunny.

I realise that I'm ranting and very cross and that some might think this a knee-jerk reaction, but I simply do not expect to have to ask 1&1 to bill me after my CC details have been updated at their request.

Oddly, I ordered a new address through 1&1 a few week ago, which all went swimmingly. During the order process I was asked if I wanted to use stored personal details to pay for the order, which I agreed to. This meant that my latest order through 1&1 was successfully billed using my new CC details as modified in the user control panel, yet those same details were not used to renew my domain account. I've no idea why the saved details were used for my new domain registration but were ignored for a working site renewal.

Impressed ?

Not at all. 23:31 30 Aug 2004

I hope you have more luck than I am having. I will more than likely be transferring all my sites to fasthosts in the near future. I am just wondering if 1&1 will do their best to hold this up as well!

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