Onecare Firewall Help

  POP 14:33 17 Apr 2006

Having had Onecare Beta for some time and been quite happy with it on Dial-up, I have now upgraded to Pipex Broadband and find that I am unable to download emails or Norton updates. I have followed the Norton recommendations but still no luck unless I turn off the Firewall. I have all the recommended exceptions on the Firewall. Any help would be appreciated Pop

  J B 17:27 17 Apr 2006

There is a thread on this very subject but I cannot find it right now, however The forum editor had a small problem with it and all he did was contact the MS Onecare Beta Team thru e-mail and got a reply on how to fix his problem. I understand that the reply was fairly quick. If I find the thread I will let you know. J.B.

  POP 10:09 18 Apr 2006

Thanks JB will check this thread just incase you do find "the thread". but will get in touch with the beta team again. Pop

  J B 11:15 18 Apr 2006

Check out click here this is the thread I was telling you about. The FE problem isn't quite the same however, it should point you in the right direction. Hope this helps. J.B.

  POP 14:48 18 Apr 2006

Thanks JB it was very informative. I have had onecare on Dial up for some time and have been using Norton for years and have only just renewed it for 2006. It has worked perfectly with onecare on dialup but does not seem to like Broadband. Still I can still update it by disabling the firewall,not ideal.thanks again. Pop. End of thread for now.

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