oneandone problems

  Newuser2 14:11 18 Apr 2004

I have a web site with oneandone.
I recently tried to edit the main section but kept getting an error message.
I could access all other parts of the site though.
I contacted oneandone's tech support by email and was told that the problem was probably caused by my virus scanner.
I have always had a virus scanner but the problem only just seems to have occoured.
I replied to the tech dept email but have not recieved any more info.
The virus scanner is avast.
I disabled the scanner and tried to edit the section but again I got the same error message.
Any help would be greatfully recieved. 14:30 18 Apr 2004

program are you using to edit the site, and what web editor?

  Newuser2 16:28 18 Apr 2004

I'm just using the WSC that oneandone use ie not Frontpage or anything like that.
I have had a response from oneandone.
The gist of it is that they do not recommend running a firewall, popup killers, antivirus or real dowload software of any disciption as oneandone says that these cause problems with their WSC.
I think I will contact Lycos and transfer my website to them.

  jgosden 16:44 18 Apr 2004

NOOOOOO, don't do that oneandone are loads better!!

if u have a problem email or phone them and they will sort you out there support is very good:)

  Newuser2 14:23 19 Apr 2004

Thanks for your responses.
The error message I get is:-
CreateDummyStylesheet failed
Attempt to modify a read only node.
1 Try again
2 Close Internet Explorer and start again.

I don't think oneandone's support is very good as they have told me to shut down my firewall and virus scanner.
I have tried all thier suggestions but I still get the same error.
My ISP is Blueyonder and they have a virus scanner to scan all emails, I suspect that this may be the problem, as I have shut down my virus scanner etc and I still cannot access my edit section.
I've asked oneandone to contact Blueyonder to see if the vius scanner is causing the problem, it would be far easier for them as they know exactly what to say, but oneandone say it's my responsability to contact my ISP.
You call that service I don't.
Can anyone recommend a good host as Lycos can't accept sites ?

  Talented Monkey 17:05 19 Apr 2004

Web-mania click here
Sound, cheap, reliable hosting. They are also well established and been around for donkeys years. However I found the support and control panel features were not anything special when i was with them 18 months ago.

Web Attention. click here
If Support is one of your main priorities the these people are, in my opinion, second to none. You can contact them through all normal methods including ticket support via your admin panel, MSN messenger and forum.

I have had some very tricky and technical questions in past that have been answered and solved very quickly. The longest I had to wait was nearly an hour, but that was a ticket email question sent at 3am and flagged as query rather than highest priority.

Web attention is also very competitively priced and comes with the impressive Cpanel

Hope you pick one of these!

  Newuser2 17:27 19 Apr 2004

Talented Monkey
Many thanks. yes tech support is important & so is price.
I've contacted Web-mania first to see if they can accept my domain name.
Will post back with results for your info.
Once again many thanks.

  Newuser2 21:28 20 Apr 2004

Talented Monkey.
I've contacted web-mania & wasn't to impressed with the reply. (Terrible grammer & very poor spelling).
I also contacted Web Attention & yes I'll be transfering my web site to the them very shortly.
Many thanks for your help & suggestions.

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