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  Muzzsjm 16:22 02 Mar 2004

Right ho people, been a while since I was here. I have a custom built PC system:

Athlon XP Barton 2800+
1gb Crucial PC2700 DDR RAM
50gb Maxtor 7200 RPM Hard Drive
ASUS A7V333 Motherboard
Windows XP Pro

Ok lets start, I have tried 3 different graphics cards and 3 different CPU's. Here's my problem: Whenever I play any games my PC shuts itself down randomally and won't turn back on until its been unplugged and plugged back in.

I have tried 3 CPU's and Athlon XP 2800+, a 2600+ and a Duron 1.6ghz. The graphics cards are a Geforce 256, an ATI Radeon 9700 Pro and a Geforce FX 5200. The PC does this with every card and every CPU.

The only time it doesn't restart randomally is when I use the Geforce 256 along with my Athlon 2800+ but unclocked to 1.2ghz.

I have tried different drivers, bios settings and moving my network card to different PCI slots. I have tried a bigger and smaller PSU. The PC is not overheating...

I am thinking a motherboard problem myself...

Any ideas???? LOL

  Muzzsjm 16:26 02 Mar 2004

Sorry for the bad spelling...

  Kate B 16:29 02 Mar 2004

I had this problem a lot too and eventually tracked it down - bizarrely - to Zone Alarm. Don't suppose that's your firewall, is it? Since switching to Norton Internet Security the PC has behaved much better.

  hugh-265156 16:31 02 Mar 2004

what rating was the "bigger" psu?

  Muzzsjm 16:44 02 Mar 2004

I am using Norton Internet Security... I've tried a 350watt PSU and a 400watt...

  BurrWalnut 17:08 02 Mar 2004

BIOS update, perhaps.

  Kate B 17:25 02 Mar 2004

Drivers can sometimes cause this kind of problem ... you could try uninstalling them one by one to see if they're all behaving themselves

  AndySD 17:26 02 Mar 2004

Try running Prime95 and if it crashes use memtest86 to check the ram click here

  AndySD 17:27 02 Mar 2004

oops click here Prime95

  AndySD 17:33 02 Mar 2004

Also click here

  AndySD 17:42 02 Mar 2004

Should have said in Prime95 go to options and run the Torture Test.

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