Is this one for Taran?

  drab 12:02 02 Jan 2003
  drab 12:02 02 Jan 2003

Ihave 3 old compaq deskpro 575 computers,which have pentium 75 cpu,s in them and absolutely everything on board(sound,network etc)
Are they good enough to link together in anetwork and plug into broadband to let a few (literally)old friends try the web.Please help.

  recap 12:13 02 Jan 2003

drab, if all the system specifications are right for the BB connection and networking then you should be able to get away with it (just). The more systems you string together on lower spec machines the slower the network will run, with these it may even grind to a hault.

  drab 12:21 02 Jan 2003

Could i use my own pc as a server (xp1700)or is the system only as good as the weakest link.(hate that woman).

  recap 12:29 02 Jan 2003

You could use your system drab it would be better for the network overall.

;-) (that woman) lol

  Taran 12:30 02 Jan 2003

Sorry but, the spec is far too low to handle broadband without some pretty fiddly jiggery pokery.

I think your idea about using a more powerful system as a server could have benefits (and problems), but most bb suppliers list a P133 to P200 as a minimum with 64mb of memory.

The networking side is simple enough, but its all down to how you control outgoing traffic requests and incoming traffic feeds. It can certainly be done, but I'm a little dubious about the benefits in relation to the work involved.

  siarad 12:31 02 Jan 2003

If the Telco lets you, connect each thro' a broadband switch which for safety should contain a firewall, much safer then a personal software one

  drab 12:50 02 Jan 2003

Thanks for all the info,but i think i am gettin in too deep.the wrinklies will have to share this machine,which shouldnt be too much of a problem as they all run to the coffee table when i get the bikkies out.Lov efrom Spain,where the temperature is a pleasant 17 degrees with sun.It should be warmer tommorow.luv steve

  drab 12:53 02 Jan 2003

Where on earth did that coffee link come from?

  DieSse 14:13 02 Jan 2003

Where in Spain, drab - I'm on the Costa Blanca.

  drab 14:48 02 Jan 2003

Costa del sol,near Estepona

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