One to scratch your heads over

  dewskit 19:23 22 Jan 2007

I received a call from a blind friend who has a problem which has stumped me, so thought I would let the many talented minds on this forum have a go!

He has an HP Desktop, and his wife acquired a Dell laptop shortly before Christmas. Prior to this she had a small Wordprocessor which could save files to ASCII format to floppy.
As she is a writer, and needs material printing out to send off to Publishers etc., with the old machine being so slow (Daisy wheel) he would transfer the material to his hard disk and convert it to MSWord format to format and print.

Now she has the new machine, he has been transferring files from his hard disk to a USB Flashdrive to put back onto her laptop.

However... A particular file which he transferred to the Flashdrive, and which is subsequently shown in the directory of that drive under My Computer, and is readable on his own machine, simply does not appear on the list of files once the Flashdrive is transferred to the laptop! (But it is there when the Flashdrive is put back on the desktop).

Why should a file come and go like this. Seems some malign influence may be at work...

  Totally-braindead 19:26 22 Jan 2007

Something to do with hidden files perhaps? If you right click on the file, on the computer that sees it of course, what does it say under properties?

  skidzy 19:29 22 Jan 2007

Shot in the dark,is it possible the file is in its own folder on the flash drive that is automatically opened on the desktop but not the lappy.

  dewskit 19:33 22 Jan 2007

Thanks Totally-braindead and skidzy.

I will pass those suggestions on, but it will probably be tomorrow until I get an answer as he will be at choir practice this evening (followed by the desperate need for lubrication of the lyricals afterwards!)

  Phphred 21:35 22 Jan 2007

There is a "Files of Type" dropdown box make sure it ays "ALL FILES" or "WORD"

  woodchip 21:40 22 Jan 2007

Is he using 98 or 95 OS

  dewskit 22:21 22 Jan 2007


OS is XP Home

  BRYNIT 23:09 22 Jan 2007

I may be wrong but when he copied the file to the flash drive he may have just created a shortcut to the file. When the flash drive is removed from the PC and connected to the laptop the file is not there.

  dewskit 12:40 24 Jan 2007

Eventually got an answer from my friend - his Broadband was down yesterday evening.

BRYNIT Good idea, but no joy.

He was at the local technical college yesterday and took the flash drive with him. The file appeared on their machine, so it something to do with the laptop apparently. They are now going to take that up to the College as well. If they come up with an answer I will post it here for information.

Will call this resolved as far as the Forum is concerned though.

Many thanks to all who came up with suggestions


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