One PC dead the other green

  aca 21:09 14 Nov 2007

Problem (and most urgent) 1

Intermittent problem last couple of days the monitor blank and display wouldn't come up on moving mouse/pressing keys. Restart didnt help.

Then working fine. But now wont boot up at all. Nothing at all on screen no bios or windows. All fans working inc video card,mobo lights on. The hard drive light comes on and stays on permanently. No bios/windows sounds.

Have swapped monitor but no go.

Cant set to boot from CD as cant get to bios and havent got floppies to create boot disks.

No on-board video.

My thoughts are probably hard drive but wouldnt the bios start and then bomb out later.
Have unplugged hard drive hoping that it would at least begin start up and come up with error but no go.

Or possibly the motherboard.

Any suggestions welcome.

Problem 2

In swapping monitors my sons monitor (CRT) is now displaying a green tinted screen. Cant change with monitor settings. It did seem to go wrong when plugging into video card (Ti500). But didnt break/bend pins

Any help on either greatly appreciated before I completely lose it...

  woodchip 21:17 14 Nov 2007

Remove the Hard DriveData Cable to see if it will go to BIOS, I think your Hard Drive is corrupt or Damaged

  aca 21:26 14 Nov 2007

thanks woodchip. have tried that and it wont go to bios.

just tried removing video card and gett a beep but no audible sign that reaching start up.

RAM and video card seated ok

  woodchip 21:53 14 Nov 2007

If you did not get a Post Beep, then Motherboard is dead As the Hard Drive light is on all the time, and it should be off. Power should be on = the green light, but red light should only flicker as it reads the disc

PS the PSU may have blown and taken the motherboard with it. It did it on my 98se computer

  lotvic 21:59 14 Nov 2007

Green Tinge
Check the monitor's video lead plug which will have about 15 pins in it. If one of these pins is bent or broken, this will cause the tinge on the screen. You can try and straighten a bent pin.
They may look alright at first glance but one may be bent

  SANTOS7 22:01 14 Nov 2007

Have to say has the atributes of a dead MOBO...

  woodchip 22:02 14 Nov 2007

Graphics card may have gone

  aca 22:14 14 Nov 2007

thanks think new mobo for problem 1. Its a socket A with AGP so will try to get a cheap one to try poss off ebay

problem 2 will recheck pins and then do some video card swaps

what a nightmare.....

  aca 09:50 17 Nov 2007

Problem 1

Have ordered replacement mobo. Something strange is that I have tried the PC this morning.

Sometimes when switching on at the back of the PC (switch by the power lead input) The PC switches on without need to switch on at front of PC. Also when this happened the first time I was getting continous beeps. (still wouldnt start boot at all). Is this suggesting an iffy PSU?

Problem 2

The green monitor is on way to the dump. Replacement working fine, so was prob pins on lead.


  aca 10:15 17 Nov 2007

just swapped PSU and still same so pretty sure its the mobo

  woodchip 14:00 17 Nov 2007

No, the Motherboard controls switch on, and off of power. it does prove that the Mobo is shot though

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