"One or more of your disks needs to be checked"

  ferrispedro 08:20 24 Mar 2005

I am getting this error message more and more on startup.It goes on to say System is fat32 and disk needs to be checked for consistency then does a disk check.What does it mean? Peter

  Taff36 08:24 24 Mar 2005

I think this is an early warning that your hard drive is showing errors. Your computer system has a utility that runs at boot up that checks the integrity of your disc and gives you a warning. DO BACKUPS in case it fails suddenly!

  Yoda Knight 08:31 24 Mar 2005

run a proper scandisk, or other drive checking utility (eg norton utilities) to identify and (hopefully !) fix any problems

  ACOLYTE 09:04 24 Mar 2005

Have you tried defraging it? may help.

  ferrispedro 10:40 24 Mar 2005

Have tried defrag PC says no need.When I run Norton one button checkup I get two errors in the program integrity scan.They read,missing program files c:\Program Files\Common Files\installshield\Professional\Runtime\0700(and 0701)\intel32\DotNetInstaller.exe cannot access a necessary file mscoree.dll these errors cannot be automatically fixed by Norton.Do you think this has anything to do with my problem?

  Yoda Knight 10:56 24 Mar 2005

I meant run Norton Disk Doctor

  curlylad 11:22 24 Mar 2005

The first problem of mising program files can be safely ignored providing you do not have .NET Framework. The DotNetInstaller.exe file is merely cached in the engine location for future use.The message you are getting is technically correct but again only if you have .NET Framework .Read this:- " InstallShield installs DotNetInstaller.exe as part of its engine files, which is a .NET application that is used when a setup is installing .NET assemblies. DotNetInstaller.exe will not work on systems that do not have the .NET Framework, but the file is cached with the InstallShield engine files just in case it is needed in the future when the .NET Framework is installed. WinDoctor recognizes DotNetInstaller.exe as a .NET application that depends on the .NET Framework and reports its findings. WinDoctor's findings are technically correct, but InstallShield always checks for the Framework before trying to use it."

As for the second problem I would try downloading the mscoree.dll file again from here click here

  curlylad 11:43 24 Mar 2005

Further to my last post , I would treat the error message on start up as a seperate issue.I would suggest that one or more of your programs on start up could be causing this.Several of the start up programs place an icon in the system tray bottom right and canb sometimes be shut down by right clicking and then click shut down or disable.The most infallible way of ensuring they dont start up is goto start,run, type msconfig,OK. Click start up tab , all the programs ticked start up when you boot your PC , you can safely untick all of these but I would leave the system tray ticked else it will disappear.Now tick one at a time and restart PC until you get the same error on start up , now you will know which program is causing the problem.A more advanced test is a program called FileMon from click here when you download this click the filter icon to show which of your start up programs are writing to the Hard Disk on start up , what ever program it points to is probably the cause !

  ferrispedro 15:05 24 Mar 2005

Yoda Knight,whenI try to run Disk Doctor it says "the operating system or another process currently has exclusive access to this drive or some of its files.Norton Disk Doctor cannot continue with a repair under these conditions etc???
Curlylad I have downloaded FileMon and when I open it it just chunters away seemingly non-stop.What do I do with it?

  curlylad 12:32 25 Mar 2005

If you go to here click here and scroll through the page it will explain how to use the tool.As I earlier stated , click the filter icon to show which programs are writing to the hard disk on boot up , one of these will be causing the problem.

  Yoda Knight 12:36 25 Mar 2005

start up in safe mode and try run disk docter (I'm not sure it will run, but worth a try)

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