one and one domain name trying to order

  hoolligan 15:44 22 Mar 2004

Iam trying to order a name but i press select and i dont get to the buy section it just comes on with search again.

Ive rang them up and said no promlem there end

Ive been refreshing and loging of and still no luck after 3 hours


  hoolligan 16:28 22 Mar 2004

The data entered are incorrect:
Domain already registered and cannot be transfered

i get in the control panel

But from the main domain page i get its avaible

its also avaible on 123 website but £15 more

dont wanna say the name on here as its a good one

i orded one yesterday no trouble

  Taran 16:46 22 Mar 2004

If the domain is already registered you can't have it and from the message you typed out above that seems to be the case.

Email me with the details if you like and I'll run a search on the domain name.

You can rely on me not to swipe it from you if it is, in fact, still free.

  Taran 18:25 22 Mar 2004

The 1&1 site is doing the same to me as it was to you. It's returning the enquiries back to the domain search page !

I guess it's safe to say that 1&1 are having problems, even if they say otherwise.

All I can suggest is that you either bide your time and see if the registration service is working tomorrow, call them to see if you can register a domain over the phone, or pay a higher price to register the name[s] you want with another web host.

Sorry, but in this case I can't fix things because I'm pretty sure 1&1 won't let me loose on their web servers...



  Sir Radfordin 18:52 22 Mar 2004

It seems to be working now (for me it is anyway!) so hopefully you've got your domain sorted.

  hoolligan 22:11 22 Mar 2004

Not with 1 and 1, I used 123 reg not much more money, at least i have it, give up at 10 pm trying 1 and 1. They would not do it over the phone, i will transfer it there when and if I work it out.

I like a little flutter and it seems like good value £10 2 yrs 2 names see if i get any offers doubt it though.

Need to do more sites now..what have i started...


  IClaudio 23:52 22 Mar 2004

...I don't think you should try and make a career of buying and selling domain names, Hoolligan! - concentrate on getting a name that suits your business....

Incidentally, I see that you have changed your Log-in name, when did that happen? ;)

  hoolligan 08:41 23 Mar 2004

Id spelt it wrong ! only took me since june haha

Dont worry ic two names is enough its just the same names with com are for sale.

so you never know.. Live in hope

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