One ISP account 2 Skype Users Question

  portofcall 16:46 01 Dec 2005

Have tried all suggestions from forum as well as skype forum (useless!). So here it is; I am in the US but also have home in the UK. I have installed skype on both home and away computer. I have one aol account (broadband). I am logged on to make skype call (separate aco*[email protected]:) but let's say "on away computer". Both computers cannot be online at exactly the same time as message comes up "someone else is using aol at this time, please try again later", therefore the opporunity to use skype for the purpose of "calling home" doesn't quite work unless someone else has the answer. No two computers can log on to one account at the same time. Therefore, you cannot use skype on one ISP account (aol) OR CAN YOU? That's the scenario and that's the problem. Thanks.

  dawnyworld 16:52 01 Dec 2005

can you not just go setup another acount with Gmail or the like , it works for me i got 3 pc's on skype
down a shared connection

  portofcall 17:54 01 Dec 2005

Try using an internet phone service (skype) and logging on to the internet then dial yourself. What I think you'll find is: you can only log on to your account if anyone else tries to log on one or the other will shutdown thus you cannot use skype on one ISP account due to the fact that you cannot log two computer on at the same time on one account. Whew,that is a mouthful.

  portofcall 08:55 03 Dec 2005

To all who have written to help this idiot....many thanks for your help. I finally got it right and now it all works just fine. I do thank you for your time and patience.


  Stuartli 11:29 03 Dec 2005

You are being a bit hard on yourself.

Everyone has problems sometimes and, occasionally, it's just a case of not seeing the wood for the trees...:-)

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