This one has got me stumped PC to TV via HDMI fails

  markcomp 09:45 05 May 2013

I am going to go through bullet point wise. -PC with asus board and kingston memory initailly connected through HDMI to LG TV -After a while it would default to a blank screen (white with lots of tiny coloured dots. Checked evrything and eventaully took out a stick of memory (2gb) leaving 2gb. -This seemed to fix the problem, tried reinserting the stick and the problem returned. So removed it -A while later it started to happen again but this time, part way into loading windows, i.e. it showed the bios laoding, but failed within a few seconds of loading windows. -tried memory in different slots -Changed graphics card, no effect -Reinserted memory and ran memtest overnight - no problems reported -runs monitor with no problems, TV accepts signal from laptop and playstation Tried one more time and noticed that windows starts to load, the screen goes black, there is the faintest of ticks from somewhere in the case and it goes blank. -AMD Athlon II 635 X4 AM3 Processor Asus M4A88T-M sAM3 motherboard Kingston 2x2GB 1600MHz DDR3 HyperX memory

Has anyone any ideas, as I have hit a brick wall on this one.

  Terry Brown 10:24 05 May 2013

I'm guessing the the processor power required to run the HD graphics is affecting the screen display. Although you have replaced the Graphics card, a lot of processing power still goes through the CPU and the information Bus lanes.

Think of it in the terms of a video download, on a HD video, you need 'Buffering top up' from time to time.

Do you have an S-video output on your computer, as that may be a better connection. Most TV's have a S-video input.

Try that, or an alternative is to take the S-video ( or Video + sound phono plugs) from the computer, and connect it to a Video recorder, then out to the TV.

It may not be a perfect solution (standard picture not HD), but better than nothing.

  markcomp 10:35 05 May 2013

Hi Terry, Thanks for this. I can understand the point, but why did it work for so long previously, at least a month, if not longer? Its the erratic nature which I cannot pin down

  Chronos the 2nd 10:49 05 May 2013

You do not actually mention what Graphics card you are using, not that it matters as I can and do run from my HTPC a HDMI cable to my 32" TV using a Asus P8H61-1 Mobo and a G840 CPU and on-board graphics so with no problems viewing videos or anything else for that matter.

Possible power supply problem, but unlikely as you say monitor is fine. Will have to give this some thought as nothing else springs to mind at the moment.

  markcomp 12:47 05 May 2013

Initially it had onboard graphics, and the problems. Now it has a XFX HD 7950 DD 3GB dedicated card, and still shows the same problem. A head scratcher for me, but the kids are somewhat disapointed

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