One computer - two printers

  Red Flag 11:56 07 Feb 2003

I am fairly certain that it is possible to run two printers from one computer but need advice on how exactly to do it?

I want to run two printers from one non-networked home computer (W98).


  AndySD 12:02 07 Feb 2003

USB or Parralel ports

  Red Flag 12:06 07 Feb 2003

Parrallel ports

  stlucia 12:10 07 Feb 2003

First you need a spare port -- parallel or USB. Then get a printer with the appropriate connector, and plug it in.

Then go into Start/Settings/Printers and click on the Add Printer icon. It will then lead you through the setup process, which will probably require you to have the printer drivers disk for the new printer.

You will then have two printers available to you, which will be selectable in the Print screen whenever you send something to print.

  DieSse 12:10 07 Feb 2003

You could run one from USB, one from a parallel port.

You could run each one from a different USB port

You could get a parallel port switch box and cables

You could add a second parallel port card into the system, and run each from a parallel port.

All depends on what interfaces the two printers have, and which way you want to do it.

  COUCHER 12:19 07 Feb 2003

I have two printers running from my PC using a DATA Switch.. One cable runs into the printer port on the PC then two cables run from the switch,one to each printer. One is a Lexmark the other is a Hewlett Packard. The only problem have is I have to go into the control panel to change the default printer setting over but I can use both printers,albeit seperatly. One for picture printing the other faster for letters etc.. Hope this is of some help.

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