one chance at startup

  number69 16:15 22 Oct 2005

Every time I start the computer I have the following problem.
I can click on any one thing on the desktop and it will open. But if I then click on any thing else there is no response. For example if I click on outlook it will open, if I then click on outlook express or firefox or anything else nothing happens. But then after about 5 minutes everything that I clicked on will suddenly open. I.e. if I clicked on firefox 3 times because nothing happened then clicked on word then clicked on excel.
After about 5 minutes I would suddenly get 3 firefox windows a word window and a excel window open. The problem is on the hard disc because I have swapped the hard disc with that on another machine and the original machine now works ok and the substitute machine now has the problem.
In the event viewer when I eventually get it to appear I have 4 or 5 error messages “DCOM error 1005.” Following previous threads on this I have tried running the program DCOMbobulator but the errors still occur. I assume these errors are what are causing my problem. After about 10 minutes the system works perfectly until it is shut down again.
Windows XP pro with all updates, and has been reinstalled.

  LivEviL 16:20 22 Oct 2005

ooo doesnt sound too healthy! mayb your hard drive isnt compatible with the motherboard on your one cance of using firefox if u know the motherboard make go on there site and get a update for it, also try booting up in safemode
if worst comes to worse backup all that is on the hard drive and delete the partision then reinstall windows. i dont know if this will help but at least i responded!

  splork 16:25 22 Oct 2005

I'd go with LivEvil's advice regarding Safe Mode, if it does the same thing there you have a pretty fundamental problem, which is more likely to be hardware than software related. If it's OK in safe mode, you may need to use MSConfig to disable all your optional startup programs, and gradually add them back in , loading XP each time to see if it's still playing up.

  number69 16:28 22 Oct 2005

Thanks for the reply livevil.
It isn’t just Firefox it is almost anything.
If I click on the modem first then I would not be able to select internet explorer or outlook etc.
It is only because I have the modem to turn on automatically that I can get on the net.
I can’t even get into windows task master for the first 5 minutes.

  splork 16:37 22 Oct 2005

Have you done `chkdsk /f` to see if the hard disk itself is to blame?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:38 22 Oct 2005

The problem is on the hard disc because I have swapped the hard disc with that on another machine and the original machine now works ok

Software problem

Operating system?

Repair XP by replacing corrupt files

sfc /scannow

in the run box, press enter and let system file checker find and replace missing / corrupt file in windows and explorer.This will take awhile to complete and you may be asked for the CD to be in the drive if windows is not preinstalled on the hard drive.

sfc /scannow problems
click here

also run scan disk and do a defrag.

  number69 16:47 22 Oct 2005

I have just tried starting in safe mode.
I can immediately access everything except the web.
But I still had 3 x DCOM error 10005
I will follow Fruit bats posting

  number69 19:17 22 Oct 2005

I have just tried Fruit Bats sugestion of sfc /scannow and scan disc, I did a defrag yesterday.
I still have the same problem.
I have 3 error messages of DCOM error 10005 in the event viewer. After reading other postings about this error message it seems that other people have similar start up problems but running the DCOMbobulator program has cured theirs but not mine.
This time it has taken Outlook over 10 minutes to appear after clicking on the icon, it came on just as Iwas finishing typing this message

  LivEviL 12:49 23 Oct 2005

mayb u should just back up everything and reinstall xp and make sure its all compatible with all the devices! at a guess ur hard drive proberly has a corrupt sector or two onit if u can identifie them (i duno how mayb in defragger or sumthing) re partition it without those sectors, that way u know whats going on ur pc and know nothing from the prvious computer which may have left a stain is still on there? once again this is a guess and not sure if this is the problem!

  number69 14:45 23 Oct 2005

Thanks Livevil
I have tried the repair option on XP which reinstalls the program without sucsess.
When I get a little more time I am going to back up all on the disc. Format it then reinstall xp.
restoring things from the backup one at a time.

  woodchip 14:55 23 Oct 2005

compuer not finnished booting

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