One big drawback in SKYPE

  ethelene 13:55 05 Jul 2005

I am a big fan of Skype and have been using it successfully for some time.

BUT it is VERY expensive to dial an 0845 number.

I didn't realise and it cost me £1.40 for a 9 minute call.

Had I used the landline it would have cost 33p.

We live and learn.

  Rigga 14:17 05 Jul 2005

Hi, next time always check here for a geographic version of any premium numbers, including 0845, 0870 etc. numbers.

click here


  ethelene 14:21 05 Jul 2005

Thanks for that, rigga.

Now I know.

  MIKE 14:38 05 Jul 2005

I agree with ethelene about the cost of these calls. The anger builds up more if you are on BT's higher tariff rate and pay to get free calls 24 Hours a day, and then to find out most companys will only supply you with 0870/0845 numbers which you are billed for. I now make it a rule never to ring 0870 or 0845 numbers.

  ethelene 14:40 05 Jul 2005

Mike - I'm changing my bank because of it. No email facility and only an 0845 number. It's not good enough - especially when I'm paying to be put on hold.

Makes me mad!

I thought Skype would be a way around it.

  MIKE 19:13 05 Jul 2005

ethelene more power to your elbow, just tell your bank why your changing.

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