one account not receiving e-mails

  brigtoo 00:19 27 May 2007

i have two -mail accounts , mine and my wifes, using o.e. and the same isp. i can send an e-mail from my account to my wifes but cant send one from hers to mine. i have noticed, by checking in the "sent items", that once it used to list my complete e-mail address in the "to" column, it now only lists the part of my address before @ even though i type the full address when composing the e-mail can anybody suggest anything.

  p;3 01:02 27 May 2007

have you checked for starters that you can send and receive within each individual account; can you test mail them both and get a reply?

  brigtoo 11:01 27 May 2007

i can send from my account to wifes, from wifes to wifes but not to my account , either from mine or wifes to mine. if an e-mail was sent, from this forum, informing me of your reply to my problem, i havent received that either.

  p;3 11:50 27 May 2007

of interest, have you opened your server to see if the mails are on there but in the bulk mail section ; if they ARE then OE will NOT pick up; who IS your ISP?

of interest, ALL replies to threads on here should receive an e mail notification until the thread has been ticked as resolved , so you should have gotten a notification of my reply to your thread and to this one too ;

  brigtoo 11:59 27 May 2007

after further probing on previous emails received, opening the e-mail and double clicking the too address revealed my name was my complete e-mail address and my e-mail address was as it is. now my name is simply listed as my name( not e-mail address) ,my e-mail address is as before, listed correctly.
how do i open my server, you should by now realise i am a complete novice on this and i ask for your tolerance.

  p;3 12:11 27 May 2007

for starters who is your ISP ( internet service Provider)? so one will know which web address to go searching for

  p;3 13:50 27 May 2007

??do you understand the question being asked of you or do you need further advise/guidance on this?please do not be afraid to ask::))

  brigtoo 00:15 28 May 2007

my isp is plus net. sorry for delay but had to go to work.

  p;3 09:02 28 May 2007

can you see if you can sign into the web mail side of the system via this portal?

click here

what you SHOULD do is put your username in the top box and your password in the bottom box and that SHOULD get you to the server side of the mail; see if yu can get that far first; try it with BOTH of the accounts you are dealing with and see if there IS mail on the servers?

  p;3 09:11 28 May 2007

also, have a look at this lot and see if you have set up the accounts correctly? there is a lot on there and on the right hand side too

click here

  brigtoo 10:21 28 May 2007

ive looked at server side and it only has a few e-mails in a spam folder. the strange thing is they are adressed to an incorrect address. my e-mail address is:- my first [email protected]
my the address on this spam is:-
my user [email protected]
looking at my mailboxes in plus net, i now see that my mailbox is also set as :-
my user [email protected] user
while my wifes account, which is works o.k. is set as:-
her first [email protected] my user
is this the problem, my mailbox name is now incorrect.
the account in outlook express looks to be set up correctly.

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