Onboard Video

  denali 12:43 17 Nov 2005

I have fitted a new graphics card to my neighbours old (very Old) Packard Bell. Its accepted and the drivers are loaded from 98se disk. When restarted it says It does not support multi-screen. I have gone to the Bios to disable onboard graphics but (showing my ignorance) cannot find anything. Onboard sound is there. What I would really like to know is do they use any other words for video. here are things there I just do not understand. Onboard FDD and three onboard paralell ports with numbers and letters. If anyone can understand a word of this I would reall like some help.

  Strawballs 12:51 17 Nov 2005

I had the same problem with my first system when I fitted a PCI card (No agp slot) mine was a jumper on the mainboard if your neighbour has a mainboard book look it up but being packard bell you will be lucky I had to use a magnifying glass to find the jumper but all worked fine after I found and changed it.

  denali 12:55 17 Nov 2005

Strawballs: Thanks a lot. Any idea what the jumper would be called?

  Strawballs 13:02 17 Nov 2005

If I remember it had VGA beside it in very tiny writing

  denali 13:12 17 Nov 2005

Strawballs. hanks a lot. Found it on first attempt. You are a scholar and a gentleman.

  Strawballs 13:17 17 Nov 2005

No problem I wish I had been a member of this forum then would have saved me a couple of hours of head scratching only glad that I could help.

  Strawballs 13:18 17 Nov 2005

Sorry missed out a sentance should have said wish I had been a member of this forum "when I did mine"

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