Onboard VGA disabled - no display - help

  indiana coughlan 11:16 01 Jan 2003
  indiana coughlan 11:16 01 Jan 2003

I installed a PCI graphics card onto a Fujitsu Scenic eD PC. I ended up with a system thinking I had 2 monitors. Brainwave! I went into Bios and disabled the onboard VGA. But somehow the new PCI card isn't now being picked up and when I attach the monitor to the original onboard VGA device nothing happens, leaving me with no display. I've tried blindly hitting keys but am unable to restore. I can't be the first idiot to do this. How do I get at least back to having the onboard VGA working? Any ideas out there?

  Rayuk 11:43 01 Jan 2003

You will have to clear the cmos on the motherboard,then go back into bios and reset settings.Should be i the manual how to do it.Usually swap jumper over for a few seconds then put back.If you cant find this then you can remove the battery from the motheboard for a while

  hellred 18:26 01 Jan 2003

There is a jumper setting on the board that will let you restore the settings, look for it its there.

  indiana coughlan 18:58 01 Jan 2003

THanks for advice to date. I've taken out the battery and am leaving the thing for a while. Have looked at manual for jumper settings. All I can find is 4 'switches' as the manual calls them, numbered 1 to 4, located in a single bank of switches. 1 and 4 are 'reserved for manufacturer', but nothing tells me which is which. Is it safe to play with these?

  Rayuk 19:40 01 Jan 2003

Not safe to play with anything if you dont know what it is[smacked hand]
Do you know the name and no of the motherboard?

  indiana coughlan 19:54 01 Jan 2003

Thanks to Rayuk and Hellred. Removing and replacing the battery has worked, so I don't need to do anything with the jumpers. Now all I have to do is figure out how to disable the onboard vga while enabling the new card. But I'll check through the site here for that. Thanks for all the help.

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