Onboard sound - Gigabyte

  kerses 14:13 01 Jan 2003
  kerses 14:13 01 Jan 2003

Have RealTek AC97 sound on board and downloaded driver, but can't see how/where to connect to use this. Nothing in manual about it. Any ideas please?

  spikeychris 14:17 01 Jan 2003

Run that by us again...



  kerses 14:26 01 Jan 2003

Thanks spikeychris! Fast one!
Have Gigabyte mboard GA-71XEH which has RealTek AC97 onboard sound. I have downloaded the necessary driver, but have no idea how to use this facility - where and how to connect etc. The mobo manual doesn't give any help and nothing like it appears on the diagram of the board.

  spikeychris 14:58 01 Jan 2003

Apologies I partook of a vast amount of alcohol last night and I'm struggling with this one. What is it you want to do? what do you want to connect? are you getting sound? have you ever has sound? is this a new machine? what operating system are you running?

  recap 15:03 01 Jan 2003

It sounds like you want to load the new driver for the sound card?

The sound card should be listed in Control Panel/System/Device Manager, right click the device and see if there is a button for updating driver. If there is then this will automatically launch you onto the required download site for the driver.

Thats if I have read you right as well?

  kerses 15:27 01 Jan 2003

Apologies to all if I've not made it clear. I had been using an old ISA sound card until recently, when I upgraded mobo to present Gig. one. All sound functions were fine until now. Now get pinging whenever I try to play CD's through it or when a program is supposed to produce sound. Am running Win 98. This mobo is supposed to have onboard sound, which I am advised to use instead of sound board, which i can then remove. I want to be able to connect the speakers, mike, etc.
Can't blame alcohol for my end, just age at 81!!
Hope I've given enough now. My son tells me there should be somewhere on mobo to plug in some sort of connecting "panel". Have been trying to get hold of Gigabyte without success so far.

  Rayuk 15:55 01 Jan 2003

Have you been into the bios to enable onboard sound first

  Rayuk 16:04 01 Jan 2003

Have just checked and accoring to the website the GA-71XEH doesnt have onboard sound on it.
Have you got the right motherboard model number

  DieSse 16:07 01 Jan 2003

If the sound is on the motherboard, the connectors are at the back of the machine, on the motherboard. The manual will be quite clear on it - cannot understand how you can miss this - so perhps you are not asking quite the right question?

Green is for speakers - red is for microphone. The CD audio cable connection is internal, but should be clearly marked (and you don't really need to use it to play CDs anyway).

You will need to unload any old sound drivers from your ols sound card first, in order to load the new drivers (which should be on the CD that came with the motherboard - you won't need any downloaded ones).

  alan K 16:10 01 Jan 2003

Gigabyte site info on your m/b. No O/B sound listed. You require separate sound card.

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