Onboard sound

  Jak_1 17:00 10 Nov 2007

A friends hdd crashed resulting in a new drive being fitted at the shop, they installed win xp-home with their disk. The pc has onboard sound but in the control panel the sound device is greyed out. Have tried to sort this out to no avail, any help would be appreciated.

  Devil Fish 17:17 10 Nov 2007

what computer is it it looks like sound drivers have not been installed

  Jak_1 19:58 10 Nov 2007

Thanks for replying it's a Packard Bell and the shop put on Windows xp-home with a windows system disk and not the Packard Bell disks however with it having a new hdd I doubt that the Packard Bell disks will recognise the new hdd.
If a sound card was added would that overide the onboard sound?

  skidzy 20:46 10 Nov 2007

Run Belarc click here and post back the details from Main Circuit Board and Multimedia,we can then try to find the driver you need.

  AI33 20:49 10 Nov 2007

what is the model number of the PB machine?

  Jak_1 22:19 10 Nov 2007

Unfortunately I do not have the model number of the machine. I have run Belarc and that gave no indication of the sound chip.
Having had a Packard Bell pc in the past I do know that installing a new drive prevents using the packard Bell master disks to re-install the system as it won't recognise the new drive. To that end I was wondering if installing a sound card may solve the problem as otherwise the machine is running fine with the new drive with xp-home installed from by and from a disk supplied by the shop,a genuine ms xp disk

  100andthirty 07:59 11 Nov 2007

If you want to install a sound card, it needn't cost more than £20 if you're happy to install it yourself. I assume you have a spare PCI socket, otherwise you could get a USB sound card, but in my experience these can be less flexible than a PCI card.

I'm not necessarily recommending PC world, but here's what they have at all sorts of prices, £ to ££££££!

click here

  birdface 08:12 11 Nov 2007

Now this one is for Chipset motherboards.click here When installing windows may say it does not recognize it,Just carry on with it.You sometimes have to go into Control panel ,Sound+audio devices to make sure that it is showing,Or you may have to re-boot your computer.Now this worked on my computer also on my son's it might not work on yours ,but worth a try.

  Jak_1 10:23 11 Nov 2007

Nothing showing in Control Panel say's no sound device. Pc has been re-booted a few times since the new drive was installed. As it is very doubtful that the Packard Bell Master CD's will recognise the new drive past experience when I had a PB machine, that is why I was wondering if installing a a sound card, no problem for me to do that as I am happy with doing it, whether it would over-ride the onboard sound chip.

  AI33 10:34 11 Nov 2007

' Nothing showing in Control Panel say's no sound device. '

No exclamation marks or conflicts? Then the sound could be turned off in the bios. Have a look under intergrated peripherals.

  Jak_1 11:20 11 Nov 2007

Will have another look when I next see him, thanks for all advice.

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