Onboard Sound

  TeamChris1981 15:07 06 Aug 2007

The speakers I have are brand new and work properly. Can it be the PC itslef, like theres something wrong with the motherboard? I have onboard sound AC97 and have not had any sound on since day1.

  Stuartli 15:08 06 Aug 2007

Please do not create multiple posts on the same subject - it is both annoying and confusing to those looking at such threads.

  TeamChris1981 15:15 06 Aug 2007

sorry should of put this under my last thread, it was just somehting I was thinking of. But I was abvously not thinking straight, and ended up making another post sorry people.

  wee eddie 15:19 06 Aug 2007

Your Speakers are:

The kind designed to be used with a PC?

Plugged into the Mains and connected to the PC (Green to Green).

Turned "On" at their Switch and their Volume Control connected and turned up a little.

Have you tried both the Front and Rear connections of the PC.

  TeamChris1981 15:35 06 Aug 2007

Yep its definatley green to green,
they are also switched on and the volume control is conneced and turned up.
Ive tried the rear connection and the only front connection I have is on the right hand side at the front which Ive tried,
There is 1 thing though the speakers are connected into a 4 socket adapter, and every single socket is used, and these are 240V speakers could that be the problem?

  wee eddie 15:53 06 Aug 2007

Are they designed to be used with a PC or a HiFI?

Does the "Tell Tale" light on the Speakers come on. Maybe try them from a different socket. Who wired the plug?

  hssutton 16:22 06 Aug 2007

Is the sound enabled in Bios?

  TeamChris1981 17:55 06 Aug 2007

yeah the sound is enabled in Bios, and the speakers are for use with computers, portable cd players, cassette players and wakmans. The power light comes on the speakers when turned on as well.

  wee eddie 18:42 06 Aug 2007

Manufacturer and Model Name or Number, maybe that knowledge would give us a clue

  TeamChris1981 18:53 06 Aug 2007

The Manufacturer is : Genius
an I Ive got the model number as: SP-Q06S

  skidzy 19:11 06 Aug 2007

Do you have a mp3 player ?

If so plug the speakers in and the mains and try the player.

If you receive sound it must be the pc.

A setting or driver issue.

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