OMG pls help my PC won't Power Down!

  Residual 14:28 21 Jan 2008

Dear all,

I recently custom built my PC around two months ago. Until yesterday evening everything was A OK. However, when I went to switch my PC off i.e. shutting down windows, windows would shut down but my PC would,t turn off!
I tried the reset buttons to no avail. So I had to turn the machine off from the mains switch. I then proceeded to turn the machine back on from the mains and wham it started booting up which is unusal as normally I have to press the chassis button.
Upon powering up Windows booted up fine but when i tried to power down the PC the same thing would happen. Could any pls help me rectifiy this problem as it really has me worried whether my MB has coped out

Many thanks in advance

  DieSse 14:45 21 Jan 2008

To save having to use the mains switch.

Press the power on button on the front of the PC - and hold it pressed - it should take 4-6 seconds for the PC to turn off.

Then it should turn on again as normal.

There are lots of non-catastrophic problems which can stop the PC turning off when it closes down - normally a software problem. It may take a bit of time to find out exactly what, but if this is the only issue don't worry whilst we and you are looking for the reason.

  DieSse 14:51 21 Jan 2008

Try reading these for a start

click here

click here

  Residual 15:08 21 Jan 2008

Thank you very much guys, I'll endeavor to try these out as soon as I get home.

Many thx once again.

  Residual 10:24 22 Jan 2008

OMG I've tried nearly everything. I guess im gonn ahave to strip the whole thing down.

  birdface 10:36 22 Jan 2008

press Ctrl Alt and delete at the same takes you into Taskmanager.At the top press shut down.And turn off.While in task Manager.Processes.And under CPU what program is using up all of the CPU.Or go into safe mode.and try last good configuration.And also maybe run all your security programs while in there.

  DieSse 11:18 22 Jan 2008

How long are you waiting for it to power down? - sometimes after updates, it can be quite a long time.

Does it turn off from the power switch by holding it in?

There's no need to panic - you can run like that for months if necessary, while you gradually go through all the things it could be.

Just before this started happening, did you add any software or hardware to the system?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:37 22 Jan 2008

Check power management settings in BIOS set to use op system if available.

  uesquebeathus 17:22 22 Jan 2008

if you built it yourself, you should have connected a set of wires to the motherboard,
HDD Led, which flashs when the harddrive is working
Power Led, again flashs when the power activity
Power SW, the Power switch button
Speaker, if fitted for motherboard warning beeps
Reset SW, reset switch for a quick restart
it might be that the Power SWitch connection to the motherboard has been knocked of its pins/connections.

  DieSse 19:23 22 Jan 2008

"it might be that the Power SWitch connection to the motherboard has been knocked of its pins/connections."

That would mean you couldn't start it up - not that it wouldn't power off. The opposite of what's happening here.

  Simsy 21:04 22 Jan 2008

click here

particularly the "Powerdown" section, half way down.

Good luck,



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