OMG help please this is bad

  ogggee 20:41 04 Dec 2005

ok I have a pc that was running norton, I also have NTLs netguard installed.

Ok now I kept getting a pop up saying that norton was expiring and I needed to upgrade files, which i ignored. I was told to instal avast and let norton go.

Well nortons day count down ended but it kept working with just a pop up saying i needed to update.

Yesterday there was an annoying pop up every 10 seconds or so from symantec with a message i cant remember entirely about needing to do something with files, and the button was already highlited and i clicked ok which was recommended.
But it still popped up every 10 seconds or so.

My Brother stepped in and removed norton on the add/remove part of control panel.

Then Pc restarted at first impressions ok but when the NTL netguard screen popped up which is when the program starts loading it froze and I now cant activate any thing on the desktop.

I can move the mouse pointer but when it crosses the netguard box the egg timer appears. I left it for ages and nothing.

I have tried to delete netguard in safe mode but it wont let me. It wont system restore as it says there have been no changes.

Can anyone cleaver help as my pc is my lifeblood.


  Skyver 20:45 04 Dec 2005

Boot your PC, keep hitting F8 or F5, at the menu select Last Known Good config, if that doesn't work, reboot and load Windows normally, go to startmenu/run, type `msconfig`, click the startup tab, uncheck anything that relates to netguard (expand the `command` column so you can see the entire program path, helps to track down what is what), reboot (you will see a warning about msconfig, just click ok) and then try to either a; uninstall Netguard , if it won't let you then b; redownload or re-install netguard, then uninstall it.

  ogggee 21:00 04 Dec 2005

Hi skyver and thanks for the reply

I tried starting at the menu select Last Known Good config but that did not work, the problem is when i restart normally will i be able to type this in the run bit when the netguard freezing the pc after a few secs ????

  stalion 21:05 04 Dec 2005

try system restore to a date before you deleted anything so you can staert again

  Skyver 21:22 04 Dec 2005

Sorry, I thought you meant it froze when you actually click Netguard - you can still do the MSConfig steps in safe mode

  ogggee 21:48 04 Dec 2005

Ok Skyver I have done all that.

Now when i restart in normal mode its not right. erm the task bar at the bottom is now always cloured grey instead of the old blue colour. It wont let me uninsatll netguard as it says i cant do it in safe mode.

I tried to reinstal it and near the end an error message appeared.

Ok now ive tried to go back and start everything as it used to, and netguard loads now with an error message but will not work, and pc is not freezing. But it still not in normal mode as its grey at the bottom and wont let me remove any thing. ???

  VoG II 21:53 04 Dec 2005

Restart in Safe Mode click here

Remove Netguard


Complain to NTL.

in that order.

  Skyver 22:01 04 Dec 2005

It appears to be the same product as Telewest's PCGuard , I wasn't all that impressed when I tried it especially when it `broke` and required an hour's mucking about to get Windows to work properly again.
Do as VoG™ says, if you still can't remove it you may need to kill tasks it has managed to start before you can install over the top/remove it. Run this click here, right click in it's window and select Copy List To Clipboard - you can paste the task list into a post if you're not sure what tasks to look for.

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