Olympus USB problem

  handful 10:40 24 Jun 2003

I have just bought an Olympus C350Z camera. When I try to connect to my pc I get an error message saying that a usb device has malfunctioned and to try reconnecting or replacing the device. I had it replaced as the technical helpline said it must be a fault. I now have the same problem with the replacement. I have disconnected all other usb devices and tried after clean booting to make sure there were no problems with virus/firewall etc. Olympus ay there may be a problem with compatability as I am running XP on an Athlon 2400 with a VIA chipset rather than an Intel. Has anyone come across this problem and know a solution. Olympus say they will get back to me in a fortnight but I can't believe nobody knows the answer as VIA is hardly unusual. Any ideas would be very welcome.

  Valvegrid 12:54 24 Jun 2003

If the USB ports are working OK, why not buy a card reader, it will have the added advantage of saving your batteries.


  handful 13:11 24 Jun 2003

I considered this option when buying but went for the power cable instead! Having now made the choice I will try to resolve the problem first but is I can't than a card reader it will have to be. Thanks for the suggestion.

  Valvegrid 17:54 24 Jun 2003

A bit more information; a colleague at work is a member of a scuba diving club and a number of their members use Olympus cameras and they are finding some incompatibilities in the Olympus software like you. So if you hear from Olympus let me know please and I'll pass the info on to him.



  handful 09:11 25 Jun 2003

Will do, I will revive this thread & email you if I hear anything helpful although I suspect it is probably going to be card reader time.

  graham√ 09:24 25 Jun 2003

I have an Olympus 2040Z, the man at the camera shop said don't connect it to the PC, get a card reader. Connecting two complicated pieces of kit is not a good idea. I leave the reader plugged in to the USB, as soon as I insert the card the photos are on the screen!

  handful 10:16 25 Jun 2003

Pobably good advice but I can connect my Sony camcorder to firewire or usb with no problem at all. Why should there be a problem with a camera??

  graham√ 10:27 26 Jun 2003

'Why should there be a problem with a camera?? '

That is one of lifes mysteries! You could equally have no problem with a camera but your camcorder doesn't want to know.

Imagine a scenario where your PC is doing something in the background. All of a sudden a new entity (the camera) appears and interrupts the process. The computer, elephant-like, remembers this, and the next time it sees the camera it faints.

That is my perception, the reality is probably a tad more complicated!

  handful 18:34 26 Jun 2003

I know what you mean about life's mysteries...probably why so many people use this forum:)

  PA28 20:13 26 Jun 2003

Olympus C220. Card reader. No argument. Format cards in the camera though, they don't like computer formatted cards.

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