Olivetti Anyway with Vista. HELP!!!

  davy_fulla 18:43 02 Jul 2008

Hi, could someone please help me as I'm at the end of my tether with this one!

I got a new laptop yesterday with an Olivetti Anyway wi-fi printer (should be Olivetti Noway really!). I know this printer was brought out before Vista so did not come with a Vista driver. I downloaded the driver from the Olivetti website and started installing it.

I selected wi-fi as the connection type but it did not see the printer. Only then did I find out that you have to connect via USB first (cable not supplied) in order to program the wi-fi settings. Got hold of a USB lead and tried to reinstall the driver from the start but keep getting a message saying the driver will only work with Vista which is what I'm using.

I've uninstalled the files that were installed on the first go but still get the same message. I've wastd a full day doing this so any help would be greatly appreciated!

  chub_tor 20:29 02 Jul 2008

With most printers you need to install the software and the drivers before you connect the printer.

Switch off and unplug the USB cable from the printer or the PC.

Uninstall the printer from Control Panel/Printers and check with Add Remove programmes that all traces of the Olivetti Software have been removed. If you have it run the registry cleaner part of CCleaner click here.

With the printer off and disconnected re-install the software and the driver.

Plug in the USB connection and switch the printer on. The New Found Hardware Wizard should automatically run. If it doesn't right click Computer, and click on Properties, then on Device Manager and at the top you should find a button for checking for New Hardware (you can also do this via Control Panel).

Post back if this doesn't work.

  davy_fulla 21:14 02 Jul 2008

Thanks for getting back mate. I actually got the thing to print via USB before but it wuldn't let me add a wi-fi connection via the Olivetti toolbox.

I,ve tried removing the Olivetti programs as you said. Got rid of one of them but theres another part which, when I try to uninstall says error:1721, a program missing, and won't let me uninstall it. Got myself in a right mess with this!

  chub_tor 21:25 02 Jul 2008

OK if you are having problems with the uninstall you will probably have to install it first before you can uninstall. I should do as I said originally and install all the Olivetti software with the printer switched off and the USB cable unplugged. Just install it over the existing installation if you can't fully remove it, with a bit of luck it should install OK.
Then go back and plug in and switch on again, let it go through the New Found Hardware etc and see if you get the option to add a WiFi connection - I am assuming that your new laptop's WiFi is working and that is how you are currently connected to this website.

  davy_fulla 21:29 02 Jul 2008

I've downloaded Ccleaner and that's managed to delete the other program (thanks for that -it's a nifty little program that!). I'm starting everything from scratch now to the letter of the manual. Yeh wi-fi is working fine on laptop - connected to internet with it at the moment.

I think the problem with this printer is that it's pre-Vista. There's a driver on the Olivetti site but that's what caused the problem before. When I got it printing via USB it was actually off the XP driver on the CD.

Driver just installed so I'll let you now how I get on!

  davy_fulla 21:48 02 Jul 2008

No joy :{

I can install the USB side of things OK from the CD (which doesn't actually have a Vista driver on it). The Olivetti toolbox should then let me add a wi-fi connection once the USB is installed. When I go into the toolbox though it says no devices connected as in it can't see the printer - yet I can print from it?!?!

The Vista driver from the website was the first driver I tried today yet when I go to try it now it crashes and says 'Supported sytems: Windows VISTA' even though it's Vista I'm using.

I reckon this has got to be a problem with the software itself. Googling the problem shows that loads of other people have had similar problems. Phone call to Olivetti tomorrow me thinks.

Thanks for trying though mate :)

  davy_fulla 08:50 03 Jul 2008

I'm actully getting somewhere now. Can get the laptop and printer to connect in peer-to-peer mode. By doing this though I have to discnnect from my wireless router and lose my internet connection. Is it not possible to have 2 wireless connectios running together?

  Serenaf66 19:54 01 Aug 2008

Did you manage to resolve the problem ? If so I would be very very grateful to know how.

I've been struggling for days/no weeks (!) to install the Olivetti Any-Way wifi printer via WI-FI.I did manage it through the USB lead though.
I'm not very technical though and really need a step by step guide.

Thank you for any help.

  davy_fulla 13:07 02 Aug 2008

I did eventually get it sorted after ringing the helpline and getting talked through it. To be hnest I sold the printer a few days later when I realised how expensive the ink cartridges were.

If you give them a call on 0844 8008578 I'm sure they'll be able to sort it for you. Hope this helps!

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