Oldie wants help

  old lady 13:32 22 Nov 2005

My computer came without any recovery disks, so when it crashed the other week I installed my daughter windows xp - needless to say it didn't work and said asms are missing. So I rang up all the helplines (my computer is an emachine 770
but no one would help as I hadn't bought a warranty and it was over ayear old. So I tried loading windows xp again and it worked. How clever of me- but now my machine is ntfs and I loaded windows into fat-so I thought my hard drive had been wiped -but it has still got everything on it but it is now on the d drive ntfs and windows is on the c drive - how can I retrieve my old programmes from the d and put on the c- hope this makes sense,. things like java and media are not showing up at all but old pictures are. Please can anyone help?

  Ikelos 13:36 22 Nov 2005

you are better off with NTFS, can you not now, load all the progs again, either from the disks, or from downloads...

  Klof Ron 14:07 22 Nov 2005

If you are saying you have installed your daughters copy of XP on your PC, and this copy is also on your daughters PC, what you are doing is illegal, and I doubt if you will get any help on this or any other forum. If I have mis-understood what you have said then I apologise.

  keewaa 14:12 22 Nov 2005

If you used your daughter's CD but used your own original key (sometimes on a stick label on the box) then it is NOT illegal as it is the key that matters.

Do you have the original key?

  carper 14:17 22 Nov 2005

I also have an e-machine and I did find it difficult to get help as the U.K. Helpline is only available for the warranty period. However I have been able to get help through the US web site which can be found through Google
click here Hope this helps. Regards Carper

  ventanas 14:33 22 Nov 2005

it seems that there are two possible options for this machine, eighter a supplied recovery disc (which you did not get) or a method for making your own.

The web sites states:

eMachines System Recovery — The recovery system shipped with your product is pre-loaded on the recovery partition of your hard drive. When starting the computer for the first time, after completing the OOBE (Out of Box Experience), a message box opens, prompting you to create an exact system backup of your computer as it was shipped from the factory. It is important to take the time to create a physical backup of your computer. Remember that system recovery can be achieved either from the hard drive partition or the CDs you create.

As you do not appear to have created the cd's, the next thing to look for is the possibility of recovering from the hard drive. But as you have installed another copy of XP there is a good chance that this will have killed any possibilty of this. Although this option is mentioned there does not seem to be any explanation as to how to do it.

I would think that your best chance is to contant Emachines and ask if they will sell you a recovery disc, but even this may no longer be an option if you have overwritten vital recovery information that was contained on your hard drive when you installed the ohter version of XP.

If so I think your only option is to buy a new full retail copy of XP. Sorry not to be more hopeful

  old lady 14:33 22 Nov 2005

I am sorry but I may have mislead you all. Microsoft re registered my windows from the number on my machine. All I really want to do is recover my original data and put it back on the c drive so I can use my java for pogo and my media player again. Sorry if I confused you all and many thanks for trying to help me

  old lady 14:37 22 Nov 2005

The main problem was that the machine was the last one in the shop and it was on display when it was bought-so excited to get it that never even thought about back up discs etc., I have tried emachines and they won't even talk to me without the extra warranty. I would willingly buy a recovery disc if I knew where in England I could get one. many thanks

  chriscross72 15:26 22 Nov 2005

will a recovery disc from any e machines pc work ?
is it illegal to do a copy of a recovery disc ?

  keewaa 17:06 22 Nov 2005

Java can be downloaded from Sun .. click here

MS Media player can be downloaded from the windows update site using the custom - optional software. go START - ALL PROGRAMS - WINDOWS UPDATE (at the top)

If you don't mean this then you will pronbably need something like partition magic to gain access to the files.

  Graham ® 17:22 22 Nov 2005

If you can see and open your pictures and other data, do so, then save them to the C drive.

The programs are another matter, you will need a program such as Norton Ghost to copy the D drive to the C drive, assuming there is enough free space on C.

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