An older PC and slave problem.

  Derek 15:15 07 Mar 2004

I have an older PC with Pent 11 with a 6Gb disc and no slave.
I couple up a 40Gb as slave to 'Ghost' all the contents over and as soon as I boot, the drives are recognised but then everything freezes. I've done all the usuals via the Bios settings but still no good.
Just wondered if this 40Gb drive is formatted as NTFS because I know that the smaller 6 Gb is Fat 32. If that is so...2 questions, Can I have a Master as Fat 32 and the Slave as NTFS and, assuming not, how do I convert the 40 Gb drive back to Fat 32....I do have another machine.

Kindest regards Derek Miles.

  Diodorus Siculus 15:20 07 Mar 2004

"Can I have a Master as Fat 32 and the Slave as NTFS?" - yes, if you have an OS which can read NTFS - NT, 2k or XP.

Has the disk been formatted / fdisked? If not, get a boot floppy from click here and use it to partition / format the new disk.

A couple of other questions:

1 - is the 40GB disk jumpers set as slave?

2 - can you try to boot with only the 40GB disk installed?

  Derek 15:30 07 Mar 2004

I'm using ME on this older machine and Yes the 40G drive is Slave and no the 40Gb drive as Master will not boot up.

  Diodorus Siculus 17:07 07 Mar 2004

Try installing only the 40GB disk; boot with a Win98 bootable floppy and run fdisk and then format the disk.

See how that goes.

  Derek 08:23 09 Mar 2004

Many thanks for your help. I've given up on this one having spent or wasted so much time. I found an old 6.2 Gb HDD and popped that in. It works fine, obviously with smaller HD's.
Again my thanks


  Diodorus Siculus 08:25 09 Mar 2004

It's because the BIOS cannot recognise the larger disk, I suspect. A BIOS flash might well sort it out, but if you are happy with it as it is now, best leave well enough alone.

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