Old Works computer

  blocker11 09:05 10 Mar 2006

I recently got a PC from a company with which went out of business, and i was wondering what the best way to clearing the system of all the rubbish that is on it, and turning it into a Home PC
It's Windows XP Professional, and it was once part of a network?

Any Ideas??

  ventanas 09:11 10 Mar 2006

Reformat and reinstall XP is the best method. You have no idea what may be lurking on it. Use the discs supplied with the machine to start again.

  Graham ® 09:11 10 Mar 2006

Format and re-install Windows is best - but I guess you didn't get the CD with it?

  blocker11 09:13 10 Mar 2006

Yeah i have no CD with it?

So is there any way round that???

  ventanas 09:16 10 Mar 2006

Yes, if the installation is OEM, whoever supplied you with the machine has broken the terms of the licence agreement. The installtion of Windows has been transferred illegally. Go back and demand the discs.

If the installation is retail the same applies. But there was no obligation to pass on the discs if the machine was wiped clean. Clearly this has not been done.

  namtas 09:36 10 Mar 2006

ventanas, it is going to be some problem for blocker 11 to do this as he has reported
that he "recently got a PC from a company with which went out of business",

  blocker11 09:57 10 Mar 2006

Can i obtain a reload anyother way???

or would i have to buy another Package??

  ventanas 10:00 10 Mar 2006

Irrelevant. Without the OEM discs there is no licence. If they are not available for whatever reason the machine should have been wiped before it was passed on. Whoever passed it on, whether someone from the former company or a liquidator, has broken the terms of Microsoft's licence as I said earlier.

If blocker11 feels that he has been short changed by this he can contact Microsoft at click here and report the vendor.

  blocker11 10:04 10 Mar 2006

Ok thanks i'll go back and contact the people i got it off to see if the disc is available


  namtas 15:05 10 Mar 2006

ventanas, this article, which I do not endorse or disbelieve. A crackpot or possible legal fact, maybe one day a court will decide.

click here

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