Old versions of Internet Explorer

  Jut 22:49 24 Jun 2003

I am trying to get a donated ThinkPad 560 (Windows 95)working for an old lady. The CD-ROM adapter card is missing and Internet Explorer v2 is on the blink. I need to get either IE4 or IE5 downloaded but when I go through the MS route there are no download sites. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of IE4 or 5 via the internet. None of the normal ISPs will allow registration. Does anyone know where I can buy old version ThinkPad adapter cards.

  podge 22:52 24 Jun 2003

Do you not have anyone local who has old CD that came with a magazine. It could be on there!!

  Jut 23:07 24 Jun 2003

I have some ISP sign up CDs with IE5 but I don't have the CD-ROM adapter card to use the player. Some of the zip files are too big to use diskettes so I can't transfer that way either. I can get on to my own ISP from the ThinkPad but but IE is having Jscript errors which is causing problems.

  Belatucadrus 23:11 24 Jun 2003

click here for the IE 5.5 setup file, should allow you to download the full monty.

click here for a selection of other free browsers.

  Jut 23:56 24 Jun 2003

Thanks for that info but IE5setup.exe sets up the parameters ready for the download then goes off to look for a site to download - problem is it doesn't find one. I've tried on my desktop and that doesn't find it either. The other freebies are for win98 and this ThinkPad has 95. So it looks like I'm beaten until I find a way to get a CD-ROM player working, then I can load 98 and all that goes with it.

  Valvegrid 07:13 25 Jun 2003

One way I managed to load Windows 98 onto a laptop was to do it in DOS using INTERLNK (no not a spelling mistake). All you need is two computers with serial port on each and the 'server' computer running either 95 or 98 and DOS 6.22 to load onto the laptop, which will be the client, reformat and partion the HDD into two, put DOS in one and Windows in the other. Copy the Windows 98 disk to the hard dive on the server computer. Connect the two computers using the serial ports (not to forget to reverse TX/RX between the two of them). Run INTERLNK, the instructions are clear in DOS help, the client (laptop) is able to then access the filing system on the server. Use the XCOPY command on the client computer to copy the whole of the windows tree onto the laptop, do this over night and it'll be ready for you the next day. Put the win98 boot disk in and reformat the partition that DOS is in to get rid of it. Then go to the partition that contains Windows and setup from there.

I've done this a couple of times and it has worked in both cases.


  JoeC 08:07 25 Jun 2003
  Jut 18:27 26 Jun 2003

JoeC, Thanks,Browsers.evolt.org has everything
Thanks to everyone who answered my query

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