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  Tango 01:22 29 Jan 2005

This thread was removed when the archives were cut off if older than 2003. It has worrying connotations in respect of what is good maintenance advice and what is not and as I had a copy of it, thought it might be useful if set up again in the current database. I have a few more of these and will review their content in respect of useful information which might be worth having - if the Ed does not mind ?

Tango Mon, 20.05.02 | 02:27
In June last year (2001), PC Advisor No.69 ran an article called "Getting in Tune" about speeding up a PC by deleting all sorts of things it says we may not or indeed don't, need etc, and therefore can be cleaned out without fear and so freeing up valuable space and reducing the times taken by progs such as virusware and scan disk etc., when they are invoked.
I decided to give it some serious attention in pursuit of pushing my boundaries of understanding in this confusing world (on a wet day you understand).

NOW, having been caught out by earlier PC Advisor advice about permanently disabling VBScript and finding out later on (flecc) that this was not good advice as I/E needs to use it to run its repair function, I am rather reticent and indeed sceptical about following a certain piece of advice in this tune up article even though much of it I HAVE followed or indeed was already carrying out on a routine basis - being the bits I understand !

The piece of advice I would like some more support for, is that which suggests I can clean out quite large amounts of files which can be found through the search tool under the following cryptic codes and described as "Loose setup leftovers":-





Under the first definition, I have a couple of items :- ~GLH0005.TMP & ~GLH0005.TMP associated with Corel and Cyberscrub. OK. These look like candidates with their TMP suffices and have been deleted.

BUT, under the second and third definitions I have loads of files of varying description, many without any ref to TMP, but with suffices such as:-

.CAB / .DLL / .DIR / ._MP / .HDR / .EXE / .ISR/ .CN_ / .HL_ / .IC_ / .DO_ / .DR_ / .VI_ / .SY_ / .IN_ / .DL_ / .DA_ / .DX_ / .VX_ / .WB_ / ____.pfb / .pfm / .lib / .ex_ / .htm / .bmp / .wtb /.gif / .wmf / .sty / .hdr

and under the last definition:- .wa~ (associated with the address book).

Can it really be O.K. to dump all these with no possibility of living to regret it later ?

Some words of comfort from the experts would be most appreciated - esp. one or two from the PCA "Guys" ?


Lozzy Mon, 20.05.02 | 08:29
click here this will tell you what is safe to delete and what is not.. Better to keep what you're not sure of than delete it and have a major problem. Back up befeore you start just in case

Tango Tue, 21.05.02 | 03:47
Thanks Lozzy, I will study what that link has to offer.
I shan't be going too fast with this one and will definitely make a System Restore Point if I do decide to delete anything.

The trouble is, I don't know what ANY of these files does, so need to be led by someone who has the knowledge. My machine was loaded up by the TIME Computers chaps, so I have no experience in this field. The PCA article suggests that this may well be the case for many PCs which are loaded up before being sold.

Hence, I was hoping to catch the eye of the PCA crew in here - they published the article so must have more detailed help and advice to give I would have thought.

Thank you for your posting.

Tango Mon, 22.07.02 | 01:42
Maybe PC Advisor Staff will help ?
Just to update on this issue; following discussions with Lozzy offline and the PCA Tech Helpline boys, I have now packaged up this subject and posted it to the letters dept. of PCA.
There has been an acknowledgement, but no promise to print the letter.

I have further contacted this dept., to say in effect that I was not expecting my letter to be simply published, but that someone in authority at PCA would be prepared to stand up and be counted on the article in question and give some clarification of its meaning. I suggested that perhaps Guy might be prepared to help or that a further article might need to be prepared and published on this matter.

For the time being, Lozzy's advice is not to follow the PCA advice until it can be further clarified as to do so, may seriously affect the health of my computer and it's Lozzy's advice I am acting on over that of PCA at present !

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