Old skool network query !

  domtheboy 11:41 11 Feb 2005

Hi chaps

I say "old skool" because I'm referring to setting up a network that isn't wireless ("You boring git !" I hear you cry :-)

My situation breaks down like this. At the moment I have two PCs that I would like to network to allow the sharing of files and a broadband internet connection. One is about 2 years old and running Windows XP Pro SP2, the other is a brand new Dell which is running Windows XP Home SP2 (I think it is home but probably need to double check). Our broadband connection comes via NTL cable modem. Both PCs have an available network port to which an Ethernet cable could be connected. At the moment the cable modem connects directly to the older of the two PCs by Ethernet.

My question is, is there a cheap and cheerful method of networking the two to allow the functions I mentioned earlier ? A colleague had mentioned we may be able to buy a 4 port switch to create the following setup:

Cable Modem -> 4 port switch -> both PC's

But as I have no networking experience I thought I would throw my question to the experts to see if you can help. I'm aware that if there is a difference in software platforms this may also cause a problem, but if it means buying another copy of XP Pro/Home then so be it.

Over to you guys - thanks in advance for your help !



  ACOLYTE 11:51 11 Feb 2005

An Adsl Modem Router would be a good way to go this gives you the 4 ports to connect pc's and a moden built in,most have a built in firewall as well some also come with cables and phone filters.

  domtheboy 12:00 11 Feb 2005

Acolyte - thanks for the suggestion, could you explain a bit about how this would work (and how juch work would be involved in setting it up ?)



  ACOLYTE 12:11 11 Feb 2005

click here may be a place to help with the setup side,but it really isnt that hard,first you need the modem/router make sure it is compatable with the NTL line ringing NTL to make sure may be a good idea.Then its just a matter of connecting the lot together install modem/router on main pc, modem/router to phone socket lan cable to other pc,this pc will need a ethernet card installed,run the network set up wizard on both pc's enable print/file sharing if you need it and that should be about it,as for setting up the firewall im not sure on this part having never set up a router firewall myself.Others may have more idea than me i might have missed parts out that are needed as i dont use a modem/router myself.


  wallbash 14:36 11 Feb 2005

I am on NTL BB, have three machines running xp , all wired to create a network , have been running the setup for over two years.
Started with a smc barricade router and now have a Robotics with a print server.

Sorry to disagree with Acolyte , but you already have a modem , so you now only require a router. I have two school age daughters hence three machines hence the built in print server!
All my machines reside upstairs so the running of cabled via the loft space was easy. But I know F.E. is a great fan of wireless.

Setting up is not that difficult , I managed it !!

So lets have some more questions .

  SEASHANTY 14:44 11 Feb 2005

Sharing connections on the cable modem (with lots of info by NTL engineer) covering both NTL and Telewest Broadband. All the links are listed on the left hand side of the webpage
click here

  FelixTCat 14:49 11 Feb 2005

An ADSL modem router will not be of much use to you because you have a cable connection. If the 2 computers are both quite close to the ntl cable "modem" (actually, connector as no modulation/demodulation takes place) then a 4-port router will work well. You could, of course, get a life and use a wireless router so that you can put your computers in other rooms :)

Your existing software is fine. Your friend is offering exactly the ight setup. Connect the ntl modem to the uplink port of the router and use Cat 5 cable to connect each computer to the router.

At the moment, the ntl modem alloctes your IP address; it would be better to switch this off and let the router do this.

Networking is not always a easy as it seems, what with workgroups, identities, IP addresses, firewall settings etc. If you have any problems, you can always open a new thread here and give us all a laugh.

  SEASHANTY 14:52 11 Feb 2005

I have three PC's linked to the internet on NTL 750k BB using the NTL HOME standalone cable modem. The cable modem is linked to Linksys BEFSR41 wired
cable/dsl four port router. All connections via ethernet. click here

  Chezdez 15:18 11 Feb 2005

wired networking isn't 'old school', and for the sake of two computers, i would recommend using wired network anyway, if only because it is cheaper!!

but other than cost, it is a hell of a lot easier to set up

try running a search of the forum for network, there'll be probably be hundreds of posts regarding this topic, all the info will be in there for you!

  Chezdez 15:20 11 Feb 2005

by the way, the networking forum is now up :P

  FelixTCat 17:21 11 Feb 2005


Where? It doesn't appear on my screen.

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