Old sites still up there!

  Modo 18:13 26 Jan 2005

We used BT until about a year ago and we used their facility to put up a couple of websites - for limited but very restricted commercial use, like showing old product pictures. It's only had a 123 hits in total until December but it's now been spotted by consummers and they are hitting it quite hard.

I have been trying to get BT to remove them from the serever for 6 months but I can't even get them to reply.

The ftp access password has been blocked.

Any suggestions?!

  Forum Editor 18:39 26 Jan 2005

other than hammer away at BT. They probably take the view that it's not worth the effort for someone to go into the server and delete a few Mb of files, so they simply invalidate the login and forget about it.

If you can get them to validate the login for a day or so you could FTP into the server and do the job yourself, but that's like asking the BBC to delay the start of a program because you're stuck in traffic.

Have you tried to raise someone on the 'phone? A person to person contact sometimes works wonders.

  Modo 18:53 26 Jan 2005

Thanks pretty much the conclusion I'd come to. No wonder the web is such an untidy mess!

No luck on the phone. Maybe I'll have to tell them that they are publishing in breach of copyright!!!

  Forum Editor 19:35 26 Jan 2005

is worth a try, but I wouldn't hold my breath if I was you.

  Modo 21:03 26 Jan 2005

I won't

But if I really need to sort it I'll penetrate to the legal department.

Trouble with all these kind of problems these days is that to get to anybody who costs more than £7.50 an hour you have to get through the "firewall".

Can't complain because I made my money creating these ----- systems.

  Gaz 25 00:07 27 Jan 2005

I think it's because... BT don't want commercial sites on the free site space.

  Modo 09:00 27 Jan 2005

The history is long and boring. But in a nutshell when I put it up it was non commercial - it has since we finished with BT become commercial.

It's not the customers/fans I'm concerned about. It's the bootleggers who have got a ready made style guide.

I'll just have to badger BT.

Thanks to all.

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